Product Notice: Chained Ring Groups End of Life [Effective Nov 13, 2024]


As part of our efforts to create consistent and high-value user experiences, we are announcing the End of Life (EoL) of Chained Ring Groups. This feature has been replaced and will no longer be available or supported after November 13, 2024.


Why is this change being made

Talkdesk Studio™ provides a more flexible and scalable environment for configuring call flows. Going forward, we are focusing our investment and innovation efforts on this platform. While the Chained Ring Groups feature may have been useful in the past, customers can now autonomously mimic this behavior with the Assignment and Dial in Talkdesk Studio™



To ensure a smooth transition, we have a timeline in place that follows Talkdesk End of Life Policy:

  • August 15, 2024: Chained Ring Groups will reach End of Support.
  • November 13, 2024: Chained Ring Groups will reach End of Life and will stop working.


Notable impact on customers - Customer Action Required

After the End of Life date, phone numbers associated with Chained Ring Groups will stop receiving calls through them. Customers have two options:

1. Migrate from Classic IVR to Studio (Recommended): Migrate the phone number configuration from Classic IVR into a Studio flow, using an incoming call flow, and associate it with the corresponding phone number. To do this, first, the Chained Ring Group(s) must be removed from the phone number (see step 7), and then Chained Routing in Studio must be implemented by following the steps in the implementation guide.



 2. Set up Ring Groups in Classic IVR: This option offers a simpler routing experience where incoming calls are distributed to a predefined group; however, it does not provide sequential dialing between ring groups. If sequential dialing is needed, please deploy option 1. To set up Ring Groups, first, the Chained Ring Group(s) must be removed from the phone number, and then one or more ring groups must be associated with the phone number (see step 7).




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Care team via the Talkdesk Support Portal.

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