Product Notice: Talkdesk Home Upgrade Upcoming on May 6

A Talkdesk Home upgrade was deployed on January 4, 2024. However, after careful consideration of the feedback received, the upgrade was stopped and reverted to the previous version on the same day. This action was taken to ensure we can provide additional support and time, as well as additional resources to facilitate a smoother upgrade. 

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, and as such, we are excited to announce the new launch date for the Home Experience is set for May 6, 2024. On this date, Talkdesk Home will be upgraded automatically to existing customers and will completely replace the existing experience. Please keep reading for the key reasons for this change and noteworthy impacts to users. 

For extended details on preparing for the new Home, please explore our guide and FAQ, and join us at the “Prepare for the New Home Experience” webinar on February 6, 2024.


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What is changing and why?

The Talkdesk Home works as a landing page and, currently, includes a set of cards and quick links. With the new Talkdesk Home, the set of cards and quick links are replaced with an upleveled self-serve user experience and visible to system default roles of “Administrator” and “Supervisor” - see how the new Home will look like here. The key reasons for this change are:

  • For Administrators and Supervisors, it will help drive higher proficiency with Talkdesk capabilities by making it easier to access self-service documentation and training materials.
  • For Agents, upon logging into Talkdesk Workspace, they will automatically see the Conversations App, allowing for a greater focus on the tasks at hand. From the get-go, agents can effectively handle both incoming and outgoing interactions - voice, SMS, email, and live chat.
  • Facilitate a heightened focus on the customer experience: With the release of the new Talkdesk Home, all real-time monitoring and reporting data from the contact center will be aggregated into Talkdesk Live and Talkdesk Explore.

Notable Impact to Users - Action May Be Required

  • Default access & permissions: The new Talkdesk Home will be rolled out by default to users with the system default roles of “Administrator” and “Supervisor”. Users with other roles, including “Agent”, will land in the Conversation App. Note: the default access to the new Talkdesk Home can be extended beyond the system default roles, see how here.
  • Recreate metrics in Talkdesk Live: To continue using the same metrics provided by the legacy Talkdesk Home, a dashboard in Talkdesk Live will need to be created. Guidance on how to do this can be found here.

We are inviting our customers to attend the “Prepare for the New Home Experience” webinar led by our Reporting Product team who will walk customers through how to do this seamlessly. Register here! Can’t make it? We will share the recording in the Knowledge Base and the Talkdesk website for your convenience. Need help? Please refer to our FAQ.

  • Earlier upgrade: To upgrade sooner than May 6, please submit a request via the Talkdesk Support Portal to initiate the migration. Note: it’s possible to toggle between the two versions of Home, upon request until May 6. After this date, the new version of Home will completely replace the existing one.


For questions related to the Talkdesk Home upgrade please refer to our FAQ. For any other questions or concerns, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Care team via the Talkdesk Support Portal.

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