How many agents should be rung at a time?

Talkdesk automatically distributes calls based on agents' availability, idle time, and ring group assignment. For more information, see the article “How are calls routed?”.

Therefore, routing is optimized to ring smaller groups of agents. The preferred value for “Number of Agents to Ring” is 1. If more agents must be rung, we recommend no more than 5 agents. See the article “Routing Settings” for details on how to configure this number. 


Why not ring more agents for every call?

  • Agent Availability. Talkdesk rings agents for one call at a time. Ringing more agents per call consumes more agents’ availability and slows the rate at which calls dequeue.
  • Agent Fatigue. Ringing larger groups of agents decreases the likelihood of individual agents answering a call, so agents are rung more frequently without actionable effect. 
  • Unfair Distribution. The people who are quickest to answer calls will take disproportionately more calls. That disincentivizes agents from being quick to answer. You may see answer times creep up. 
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