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How many agents should be rung at a time?


Talkdesk distributes incoming calls using four different criteria, based on agent availability, how long agents have been idle for and how many ring groups they are assigned to.

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We, therefore, recommend you ring a small number of agents for each incoming call when configuring your routing settings

While it is possible to ring all agents, we only recommend this for very small accounts. (Less than 5 agents).

Why not ring all agents for every call?


  • It locks more agents on a "ringing" status that could potentially be answering a call from another queue (ring group).
  • It creates agent fatigue as the likelihood of an individual agent answering a call is very low.
  • Calls will not be distributed fairly. The people who are quickest to answer calls will take disproportionately more calls. That disincentivizes agents from being quick to answer. You may see answer times creep up.   
  • It uses up Talkdesk system resources by initiating multiple simultaneous calls to agents. While Talkdesk is designed to enterprise scale, we reserve the right to levy an additional charge for large accounts that want to ring all agents for every call.
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