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Adding Custom Fields


Custom fields enable you to add relevant information to your contacts’ profiles in accordance with your business needs.

When agents click a contact’s name or phone number in Callbar, or in the CallsVoicemails or Contacts sections, they get instant visibility of a caller’s number, email, address, etc.

If custom fields are added to the contact’s profile, apart from the above-mentioned information, agents can get additional context when handling calls.

To add a custom field to your contacts’ profiles, follow the steps below:


Adding a Custom Field


  1. Select the Admin section of your Talkdesk account [1].
  2. Click the Preferences tab [2].
  3. Scroll down to Custom Fields [3] and type in your new field to be displayed on the contact’s profile (i.e. Account ID, Subscription Plan, Tenant_Talkdesk, etc.)[4].
  4. If needed, press Add Custom Field to continue adding additional fields.
  5. Press Save to apply your changes [5].

Your custom fields are now automatically added to all your new and existing contacts.

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