Agents cannot hear caller

Note: For more information on Audio Device Management, please refer to this link, which shows how to select the Audio Input and Output


When you have agents that cannot hear the caller, the audio packets that are traveling into your network are being lost or redirected.  This article will cover the common reasons for lost or misdirected packets along with potential solutions.



In the diagram below, you will see the path a call takes to reach your agent and where there are potential areas for lost or misdirected packets.


Burst Speeds

Note: You can find additional information on Burst speed here.

Burst speeds are typically only available for 15 to 20 seconds. After this, during non-peak hours, one can assume the full speed of their connection to be accurate. This is a very common issue when more than 4 agents are live on a non-business special connection. You will need to contact your provider for special packages supporting large user VOIP streamings.


Router and Network Settings

The next area of concern is with your router and the systems that reside within your network.

In a typical setup, the router has 3 components that may be in play:

1. QoS - Quality of Service Software 

2. Firewalls

3. Proxy Server Software


1. QoS:

Quality of Service Software on a router basically determines by itself, what data is important during high bandwidth times and eliminates, delays or changes data to optimize traffic flow. 

This can heavily impact VOIP traffic as we don't want Talkdesk data delayed, changed or eliminated. Please turn off this setting in your router or have a technician configure your QoS to ignore Talkdesk traffic.



2. Firewalls:

A Firewall on your router is accessible via your router control panel. See your manual for this access. You will need to confirm that your router has the following ports open. 

TCP: 443, 80 outbound and inbound 

UDP: 1,024 - 65,535 outbound only


3. Proxy Server Software:

Proxy Servers route specific traffic and change its content or block its content. Please make sure no proxy server is controlling the ports mentioned above.

Port 80 cannot be proxied on a network with Talkdesk agents.


Computer Firewalls

It's important to open the following ports on your computer's firewall. 

TCP: 443, 80 outbound and Inbound 

UDP: 1,024 - 65,535 Outbound only 

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