What counts towards my Talkdesk for Salesforce API limit?

Salesforce imposes a limit on the number of API calls each customer can make to their instance. When using Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package, our API calls will also count against this limit.

There are three main automations driving the number of API calls Talkdesk has to make: 

  1. Contact retrieval: approx. 1 call for every 2000 imported contacts (that's the maximum Salesforce will give for each page) and then at least 2 calls every 30 minutes (to check if there are updated contacts).
  2. Action execution: every time an action to create/update something is triggered from Talkdesk (both from automated tasks or manually by an agent) it will count 1 API call.
  3. Every time an agent opens a contact profile we will make 1 API call to Salesforce to check if there are updated activities for that contact. We cache these responses for 5 minutes to avoid making API calls when an agent opens the same contact in a short period of time.


By default, when the ‘Log calls in Salesforce’ option is selected under the Settings for Talkdesk Integration, all calls are logged to the Talkdesk Activity custom object in Salesforce:


Our out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, and some AppConnect partners also depend on this form of logging.

However, there are also automation recipes that can log calls in the standard Salesforce Activity object. Some of our customers might use this to put all "activities" (i.e. emails, calls, chats, etc.) in a single place for the agent in the Salesforce UI. Our out-of-box reports/dashboards can also be manually replicated by using Salesforce's reporting tools and simply referring to this object, instead.


In case you are about to reach, or already went over your API request limit from Salesforce to Talkdesk, here are some steps you can take to reduce this volume:

  • Disable logging to Talkdesk Activity by going to Talkdesk Admin > Settings
  • Disable Standard object automations by going to Admin > Integrations > Salesforce

Since you can set filters to narrow the scope of the executions of these automations to certain teams, this will also allow you to reduce your API calls and keep them confined to those teams who get the greatest use out of the Talkdesk for Salesforce integration.

  • Additionally, you can choose to only log relevant calls (i.e. handled) to the standard object, if it's used for purposes of the agent's UI in Salesforce.
  • In your Talkdesk account, by going to Admin > Integrations > Salesforce > Configuration, you can disable "Load Interactions" and "Preview Actions" without any consequences:


  • Finally, if you really want to log in both places, our solutions team can build a simple trigger directly within Salesforce that creates an entry in the Standard Activity object when new entries are added to the Custom Talkdesk Activity object. In this case, the entry created in the Standard Activity object does not require an API call, since this occurs directly on the force.com platform.
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