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Reporting with Talkdesk for Salesforce


To ensure that support teams have the most seamless call center experience within Salesforce, we built full reporting functionality into Talkdesk for Salesforce. This means that supervisors can access real-time call reporting, as well as historical reporting, without ever leaving Salesforce. Talkdesk for Salesforce provides all of the insights teams need in order to make truly data-driven decisions.


Accessing Talkdesk Live (legacy)

Real-time reporting is a critical component of any successful call center strategy. Having access to Talkdesk Live (legacy) directly within Salesforce ensures that supervisors can work from one unified space, rather than switching between multiple applications to manage their team. The real-time insights provided by Talkdesk Live (legacy) can also help teams detect and address performance inconsistencies before they become widespread.

To access Talkdesk Live (legacy) inside Salesforce, simply go to App Launcher > Talkdesk Lightning > Talkdesk Live [1]:


By default, access to Talkdesk Live (legacy) in Salesforce is included with the Talkdesk Administrator and Talkdesk Manager Permission Sets and is assigned upon adding a Talkdesk for Salesforce user.


Customizing Talkdesk Live (legacy)

The first time you open Talkdesk Live (legacy), you will see the default dashboard:


The dashboard is made up of a number of different metric widgets. Metric widgets provide at-a-glance looks at key performance indicators for your call center.

You can customize the settings for each metric widget by hitting the “Edit” button on the upper right-hand side of the page. This will enable edit mode for all the widgets.

Learn more about configuring Talkdesk Live (legacy).

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