Workspace Desktop App for Talkdesk CX Cloud 

Talkdesk Workspace Desktop app allows you to use Talkdesk CX Cloud as stand-alone software, eliminating the need for multiple browser tabs and promoting overall productivity. 

The Desktop version supports all features of the browser version and also provides extra ones described below in this article. 


Tip: The Desktop version is the Talkdesk recommended option for customers. Additionally, it is a suitable alternative for those who can't fulfill the browser requirements


Desktop App Advantages

The following features are only available for the Desktop version:

  • Keep on top: Allows you to keep the Desktop app on top of other windows, so you don’t miss key information when managing your workload.
  • Call focus: When the agent receives a call, the Desktop app automatically opens, regardless of the app being behind other windows or minimized (i.e. the app is set to foreground). This applies even if the agent uses multiple desktop setups (common in MacOS) and is using a different desktop window. 
  • Screen Recording: A feature in Talkdesk Quality Management that enables you to access a full view of the agent’s desktop activity while handling phone calls, for higher-quality customer experiences and procedural compliance. For more information on Screen Recording, please check this article.
  • Click-to-Call from a web page: Clicking on a phone number from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration is supported via Talkdesk CX Cloud web version. Being able to click on a number from a web page is a desktop-specific feature. For more details, please check this article.


Supported Operating Systems

Talkdesk Workspace Desktop app is currently available for:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 11 (.exe file)
  • MacOS 10.14+ (.dmg file)

Note: Check Requirements & Best Practices for more information on system requirements and the step-by-step guide for further details on the installation and setup. 


Deploy Desktop app on Multiple Devices

Talkdesk offers a Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) package that allows IT admins to deploy Workspace Desktop to multiple users or devices. 

“MSI” is recommended for enterprise-grade customers who need to deploy the Desktop app for hundreds or thousands of devices in bulk, avoiding the need to install it individually.

This installer has the auto-update functionality disabled to ensure you have control over the versions installed on the users’ devices.


How to download and install the Desktop client “MSI” installer

As with any other Talkdesk installer version, you can find the “MSI” by accessing the download link or via your account profile:

  1. Access Talkdesk Workspace.
  2. Head to your user profile menu.
  3. Select the “Desktop” versions option.
  4. Expand the “Operating System” dropdown and select the “MSI” option.

The “MSI” package natively supports msiexec commands as a common installation option, and standard endpoint management tools such as “Intune”.


Important Notes:

  • “MSI” and “EXE” files are installed at different locations:
    • “MSI” - C:\Program Files\talkdesk (at the device level).
    • “EXE” - C:\Users\…\Appdata (at the user level).
  • If users already have an "EXE" version installed, we highly recommend removing any "EXE" version before installing the "MSI".

  • If installing via “Intune”, make sure to use command-line arguments (i.e. switches) with "-" instead of "/", otherwise the commands will have no effect.
  • When updating via “Intune”, the previous version must be uninstalled before deploying the newer version.

Keep Workspace Updated

Keeping the Desktop version up-to-date is critical to ensure users have access to the latest features and fixes. Please note that the “MSI” installation has the auto-update disabled to ensure centralized update management. 

To stay updated on our recent releases, subscribe to the Weekly Digest page on the Talkdesk Knowledge Base, to receive an email notification for new desktop releases. 



Talkdesk Workspace Desktop app provides an auto-update mechanism. When a new version is released, users are automatically prompted with a message to choose if they wish to update the application.


Login Flow

After launching the application and inserting your account name, the Talkdesk Workspace Desktop app automatically opens the default OS browser to insert your login credentials. 

While the Talkdesk CX Cloud Web version is limited to a specific browser, the Talkdesk Desktop app will log in with any browser configured on your operating system. 


Tip: We recommend the Desktop app when your contact center is limited to unsupported browsers.


Desktop App FAQ 


Does Talkdesk Desktop perform better than the Web version?

In terms of performance, the Desktop app is identical to the Web version because both versions share the same underlying technology. However, the Desktop app is a single app instance and is expected to perform better than the Web when the user has multiple browser tabs open.


Do you have a Desktop app version for Linux?

No. Currently, we only offer Windows and MacOS desktop versions.


Does the Keep-on-top feature work on MacOS when the user maximizes another app window? 

No. This is because of the expected OS behavior even when the user selects the keep on top feature. When the user maximizes another app, OS reserves that window desktop for the app maximized and automatically moves all other apps into a new window called Desktop. 

Note: If the user exits the full screen for that secondary app, the OS restores the previous display and brings the other apps back to a single desktop window.

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