Creating a Preview Dialing campaign

After making sure your account has Talkdesk Dialer™ installed and that you're using Talkdesk Conversations™, you need to follow some steps:

Note: If Talkdesk Dialer is not installed, please consult our guide “Installing the Talkdesk Dialer”. If you’re not using Talkdesk Conversations, please consult our guide  “Upgrading to Talkdesk Agent Workspace”.


1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as Admin.

2. Go to Campaigns [1].

3. Click on Create Campaign [2].


4. Give a name to your campaign on the pop-up window [3].

5. Click Next [4].


6. Configure your “Campaign priority” [5] on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). The default priority for any campaign is 5.

7. Select the Preview dialing option in the “Dialing Mode” section [6].

8. Choose the “Strategy type”: 

  • Automatic: if you want to connect the calls automatically.

Note: If you select the Automatic strategy, you will also need to fill in the “Connection timeout” field, to define the time an agent has to preview the record's data before the call’s connection.

  • Manual: if you want to dial the calls manually.

9. Set up a “Maximum skips per record” [9], i.e., the number of times an agent can skip a received call. The defined value can go up to 20.

10. Define the  “Max. ring time” [10], i.e., how many seconds a call should last until it is disconnected. The time should be between six and 120 seconds.


11. Select single or multiple caller IDs [11] for your campaign.

12. Add the “Calling hours” [12]: Talkdesk dialer will make calls based on the timezone of each record. As a campaign manager, you can have multiple caller IDs. 

13. Choose the Dialing Order [13] in which the records in the campaign will be consumed. The options are:

  • First in First Out: the system will consume the record list from the first record to the last one
  • Last in First Out: the system will consume the record list from the last record to the first one

14. Add the “Global max. attempts per record” [14]: define the maximum number of times the dialer will try to call each record in this campaign. The value inserted must be between one and 100.

15. Define the “Default retry period” [15]: Insert the minimum time (in seconds, hours, or days) to call a record again.


If you want to set up the “Global max. attempts per record” feature, you can use the Record Chaining Strategy option by toggling it on. You’ll be able to define the number of attempts for a specific phone number.


16. Determine the campaign’s “Dispositions”. To configure these, you can click on admin area of your Talkdesk account [16].

Note: To learn how to create dispositions, please read the article Creating a Disposition Set for a Campaign.

17. Configure your “System dispositions” [17] to customize the retry strategy for “Busy”, “No Answer”, and other results. Define the “Max busy attempts per record” [18], and the “Retry period after busy attempts” [19].

Note: Repeat the step above until each System Disposition is configured to your preference. For dispositions without custom rules, the dialer will use the Global Max Attempts and the Default Retry Period defined in the campaign.

18. Click Apply [20] to save your new campaign Dispositions. Scroll up and hit Next to go to the next step in the Campaign Configuration.


19. Choose your Table options view [21]. You can see more agents per page and/or select all agents on a page. Select the number of agents you want to appear. When you’re done, click Next.


20. Select Add record lists [22].


21. Choose the lists that you want to associate with the Campaign [23], and click Add [24].

Tip: You can assign as many lists as needed to the campaign.

To learn more about creating and uploading lists, please consult CSV Configuration in Excel and Uploading A List.


22. If you prefer to include a Do Not Call List, click on Add DNC lists [25].


23. Select the lists to be uploaded to the Campaign, and hit Apply [26].


24. Click Create [27].

 You can only add one Do Not Call List per Campaign.

Note: Besides a phone number, “Do not call entries” may have an expiration date (optional). The dialer will not automatically call entries in “Do not call Lists” unless the expiration date is overdue. Check Uploading a List to know how to add a list programmatically or via CSV upload.


Once your Campaign is created, go to the Campaigns section in the Outbound Dialer and see if your campaign is in the “Ready” status.

If it is, all you have to do in order to start the campaign is press the play button. If the status is anything other than “Ready”, you should click on the name of the campaign to add any missing configurations.



  • The local presence feature, which is campaign based, is not supported to automatically adapt the Campaign's CLI (Calling Line Identification) based on the Called Party Number within the Record list.
  • The maximum number of Record Lists per campaign is 20.
  • The maximum number of Do Not Call lists per campaign is one.


Run Case Scenarios

1. An Agent previews one record and decides to skip it


After a campaign begins, the agent comes online at Talkdesk and starts dialing. The agent previews one record.


At this moment, the agent realizes his audio isn’t working properly, so the decision is to skip and requeue the record.


2. Agent previews one record and decides to connect the call

The agent previews a new record and decides to connect the call.


The agent completes the call and wraps it up. Then, he will see a new record's preview.








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