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What functionality is supported by Talkdesk SMS?

Our SMS implementation supports the manual sending and receipt of SMS messages in Salesforce. It also provides structured records of each SMS that comes in and goes out, which can be leveraged for reporting purposes.

We do not support the automated sending and receipt of SMS messages for notification or marketing purposes.

While we can send outbound SMS messages, please ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws when doing so. For more information please see our SMS Legal Obligations article.


What are the requirements for using Talkdesk SMS?

To use Talkdesk SMS, you must have the Talkdesk for Salesforce app installed to your Salesforce environment. Talkdesk SMS is designed to work with the Case and Contact objects in Salesforce, so you must use those to objects in order to use SMS. There are no other requirements except that you also have a valid US or Canadian phone number in your Talkdesk instance that can be used for SMS. 


What countries does Talkdesk SMS support?

Currently we only support US and Canadian phone numbers, both on the Talkdesk and caller sides. Any SMS messages sent to Talkdesk from non-US/CA numbers will not be received, and SMS messages sent from Talkdesk to non-US/CA numbers will not be delivered.


Does Talkdesk support MMS?

Not currently.


How much does Talkdesk SMS cost?

Please see our pricing page for details.


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Salesforce SMS 

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