Usage Tab: Track Usage, Free Units, and Credit Commits

The “Usage” tab gives you real-time visibility of your usage charges during the month, including free units, current balance, and credit commit information. 


Accessing the “Usage” tab

To access the “Usage” tab, please follow the steps below:

1. In the "Admin" application, select Usage [1].

2. Click Current usage [2].


Note: If you are in Talkdesk Classic, go to the “Admin” section > “Billing” tab > Click on the “Check your Usage details link” (“Usage” card). You will be redirected to Talkdesk Workspace.


Managing the “Usage” tab 

The “Usage” tab details information on your usage and provides the following data:

The “Contact center services” card [1] shows the account’s  “Current balance” for contact center services products. 

  • Click on “Manage credits” [2] to purchase additional credits, to enable Auto Recharge (credit card payments only) or making a one-time payment.
  • “Committed credit” [3] shows the amount of recurring credits which will be recharged to the account and the frequency of the recharge.
  • “Committed credit period” [4] indicates the date on which the last recharge occurred and the date of the next recharge.

“Usage per product” [5] lists those products with usage. Note that the products will only appear in the list once they have been used. 

Note: Read more about Talkdesk’s usage products here.

  • Download your rate card by clicking on Download usage pricing [6]
  • If a product has free units included, the total amount of free units available for the account is visible in the “Free units” column [7]. The bar decreases with the use of those free units. In case free units are applicable for a product, they will be used first, followed by any credits which are available, and finally, charges will be applied and invoiced. The tab resets at the start of each month, once invoices are issued.
  • The balance per product [8] shows the total amount of usage for that product. 
    • A “Contact center services” tag [9] indicates that that product is included in the Current balance on the “Contact center services” card. 
    • A positive balance (shown in black) [10] indicates the amount of credits still available to be used for that product.
    • A negative balance (shown in red) [11] indicates the amount that will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month.
  • “Committed credit” [12] shows the amount of credit committed for that particular product and the frequency with which it will be recharged.
    • “N/A” [13] indicates that there is no credit commit available for that specific product
    • “-” [14] indicates that a commit is available but has not been purchased.
  • “Committed credit period” [15] shows the date on which the last recharge occurred and the date of the next recharge.


  • The “Usage” tab will only show the products with usage for your account. 
  • Talkdesk Screen Recording storage will only be visible in the “Usage” tab from day 28 until the end of the month. The account will be billed for the day with the highest usage between the 28th and the 27th of the previous month.
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