Product Usage Tab

The “Product usage” tab gives you real-time visibility of your usage for products such as Talkdesk Dialer™, Talkdesk Virtual Agent™, AI Platform, among others. 

Note: You must first use the products for them to be visible in the “Product usage” tab, otherwise no products will appear in the tab.


Accessing the “Product usage” tab

To learn how to access the “Product usage” tab, please follow the steps below:


1. Select the "Billing" tab, in the "Admin" application.

2. On the "Product usage" card, click on the Check your Product usage details link [1].


Then, you will be redirected to the “Product usage” tab [2]

Note: If you are in Talkdesk Classic, you can access the “Product usage tab” by navigating to the “Admin” section > “Billing” tab > Click on the Check your Product usage details link (“Product usage” card). Then, you will be redirected to Talkdesk Workspace.


Managing the “Product usage” tab

If you have a credit commit for “Product usage” at account level, you will see the following information:


  • “Summary” [1]: Shows the current balance of the account, the committed credit and the respective committed credit period.
  • “Subscribed products” [2]: Shows a list of those products which have been used on the account. Note: A product will only show in the list once it has actually been used.
  • “Free units” [3]: Indicates if there are any included units with the product and how many of those units have been used. This value will show the total units available to the account. For example, if there are 1000 minutes included in a product and your account has 10 agents, the value shown here will be 1000 x 10 = 10 000 minutes.
  • “Current balance” [4]: The charges which accumulate during the month once free units have been used up.


If you have credit commit at an individual product level, you will see the following data:


  • “Current balance” [1]:  Shows the balance available in the account. Usage will only be deducted from the balance once free units have been exhausted. A negative balance indicates that all free units and committed credit have been exhausted.
  • “Committed credit” [2]: If the account has a credit commit for a specific product, this will show in the “Committed credit” column for that product. The committed credit shows the value committed and the frequency of renewal.
  • “Committed credit period” [3]: Shows the period to which the committed credit applies.
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