WFM Schedule: Troubleshooting Checklist

Troubleshooting Checklist: Initial Schedule Generation 

This is a guide for you to troubleshoot occurrences of initial schedules not being generated. 

Please confirm your configurations by using the checklist below. We highly recommend verifying the following items in the order listed:   

  1. Ensure shifts are not set up outside business hours. This applies if the agent’s team has business hours enabled.
  2. Ensure the agent’s assigned rotation aligns with the desired rotation to be generated by the scheduling engine.
  3. Check the setting for consistent start times:
    • If consistent start times are enabled, ensure that locked shifts are not farther away from possible shift placement than the consistent start time tolerance allows.
    • If consistent start times are enabled, ensure that there are no multiple locked shifts with start times that violate the allowed tolerance (relative to each other).
  4. Verify the “On/Off” settings for minimum/maximum consecutive days. 
    • Verify that minimum consecutive days are not greater than the (consecutive) allowed days on the shift templates.
    • Check if the days in the previous or next week are not preventing this week’s placement because they’re at the maximum consecutive.
    • Verify there are no locked shifts in place, preventing a shift from being placed (or not placed).
    • Carefully consider if a shift's placing (or not placing) would have a worse effect on the minimum off, than it would on the maximum on (or vice versa).
  5. Validate that minimum/maximum hours fit within the assigned Shift and possible workdays.
    • Remember that if a break rule does not fit the shift, it can force a schedule that doesn’t fit within min-max hours.
  6. Remember that once an agent has been scheduled to meet their minimum hours, there may be no need to schedule the agent further to meet Service Level in the absence of other rules (e.g. staffing, min. consecutive on).


Troubleshooting Checklist: Subsequent Schedule Generation 

If schedules have previously been successfully generated, but are no longer being created, please confirm your configurations by going through the following checklist, in order:

  1. Ensure the agent being scheduled is still active in Talkdesk Call Center.
  2. Ensure the agent is still assigned ring groups being forecasted.
  3. In the Configuration > Agent area, be sure that the minimum and maximum paid hours are not being violated.
  4. Ensure the agent is assigned a shift template with the correct working days assigned.
  5. Ensure that the agent is assigned a break rule.
  6. Confirm if the assigned break rule fits the shift duration.
  7. If rotations are in use, check the configuration of each week of that specific rotation.
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