Managing Campaigns Overview

This article explains how to manage existing campaigns in Talkdesk Dialer™. It shows some interface capabilities, such as how to search, and filter, existing campaigns tables. It also explains how to start, pause, duplicate, and delete a campaign.


Managing a Campaign


In the Campaigns tab [1] you can see all the campaigns created in your account. 

The available campaign’s information is “Campaign Name” [2], “Priority” [3], “Dialing Mode” [4], when was the last update made [5] “Created" date [6], and “Status” [7]

A campaign can have one of the following statuses:

  • Incomplete: It happens when mandatory resources to start a campaign are missing.
  • Ready: The campaign is ready to start and has never run before.
  • Running: The campaign is running.
  • Paused: The campaign has run before, but now it’s paused.

You can search specific campaigns using the search field [7] and filter campaign’s by clicking on the filter icon [8].



The available filters are: Dialing Mode, Status, and the campaigns with warning flags. 

Note: The campaign with warning flags were the ones that were running, but some resources were missing, so their status changed to incomplete. Example: The record list associated with that campaign was deleted. 


Starting a Campaign

To start a campaign, the campaign needs to have a “Paused” or “Ready” status. Please follow these steps to start a campaign:


1. Click on the start icon [1] next to the campaign you want to start. A pop-up window appears.



  1. Start [2]. To undo, hit Cancel [3].

Note: If the campaign was  paused, the dialing resumes from that point. If the campaign was updated, the dialer adjusts to those changes.



Then, the campaign starts running.


Pausing a Campaign

In order to pause a running campaign, please follow these steps:


1. Click on the pause icon [1] next to the campaign you want to pause.


The campaign is paused. 


Duplicating a Campaign

To duplicate a campaign, please follow these steps:


1. Select the duplicate icon [1] next to the campaign you want to duplicate. A pop-up window appears.


2. Name the duplicate campaign [2], and choose Create [3]. To undo, click Cancel [4].


The screen shows the duplicated campaign.

Note: All agents and settings can be duplicated, except for the record list. If you don't assign a list to the new campaign, then it is in an incomplete state and the Talkdesk Dialer won’t run it.


Deleting a Campaign


To delete a campaign, you’ll first need to stop it. Click the trash bin icon, on the right side of the campaign, to stop the campaign.



  • The maximum number of campaigns per account is 150.
  • The maximum number of running campaigns per account is 60.
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