Talkdesk Phone Ring Groups

In the Phone Admin app of the Talkdesk Phone™ system, you’ll find the Ring Groups section. Here, you’re able to see your listed Ring Groups, create new ones, and edit existing ones.


Viewing the Ring Groups list


  1. To access the Phone Admin app, select the Phone Admin icon on the leftmost side panel [1].
  2. On the Ring Groups tab [2] you will find your account’s ring groups. If there are no existing ring groups, you can click on the Create Ring Group button [3]


The “Ring Groups” list displays the following for each user:

  • “Name”.
  • Number of “Members”.
  • Assigned “Extension”.
  • Assigned “Number” (DID).

The search bar [4] can be used to find individual Ring Groups by name or extension. The More Options (“...”) button [5] reveals a drop-down menu with other features. 


Creating a new Ring Group


To create a new user, click on the Create Ring Group button.

Upon clicking on the Create ring group button, a side panel will appear for entering the Ring Group details:

  • “Name” [1]
  • “Extension” [2]
  • “Number” [3] as an optional field, by selecting from the drop-down menu.

The remaining “Ring Group settings” are not configurable: calls will ring all Ring Group members, simultaneously, until one of them answers the call, for a maximum of 40 seconds. If the call isn’t answered by that time, it will disconnect.

Note: There is currently no voicemail for Ring Groups. 


Managing Members

After creating a Ring Group, you’ll be forwarded to the members page, where you can add members to the group.


After clicking on the Manage members button, a side panel appears with the account users’ list to add to the group, up to 30 members.

To find specific users, use the search tool. The “Show selected only” toggle allows you to reduce the list to the users you’ve already selected. Before completing the process, you’ll be presented with a confirmation modal with the summary of the action:


After completing the action, the members will be displayed in the respective Ring Group members page. You can further manage this list using the manage button, or search for any specific member using the search tool.

Later on, you can jump directly to the "Manage members” side panel using the button in the main Ring Groups list page.


Editing details

To consult and edit a Ring Group’s details, click on the Ring Group name. Then, select Edit, or use the “...” more options button.


Similarly to the Ring Group creation side panel, you’ll be able to edit the Ring Group’s name, extension, and number. The remaining call settings are not editable.


Deleting a Ring Group



To delete a Ring Groups, access the More Options (“...”) [1]  button on the main group list and select the Delete option [2]. You will be prompted to confirm this action, which cannot be undone.

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