Talkdesk Feedback: Live Feedback Stream 

image2.pngLive Feedback Stream is an actionable, real-time tool where you can view survey performance and obtain details of the feedback you’ve received.

You can view the most relevant aggregated data, such as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scores and survey volume, at the top of the page. Additional details on each individual response are available and can be filtered, to get the most relevant results. Details include interaction details, associated Agent, or other answered survey questions.


Summary Strip


With Summary Strip’s aggregated metrics — which you can find at the top of the Live Stream — you can quickly assess survey health through KPI scores and trends compared to the last time period selected in your filters.

Summary Strip also respects any filters applied, so you can use certain filters like CSAT scores to assess volume, or apply specific Agent filters to view aggregated KPIs by individual or group of individuals.


Note: Certain configurations that are available when setting up surveys in Flow Builder will allow for reporting through Summary Strip and other Feedback analysis tools.

CSAT Score Card

The “CSAT score” card collects data through all surveys and reports the average rating of CSAT questions, on a 1-5 scale. This card is calculated by the average score from CSAT questions designated as KPIs in the Flow Builder, or template surveys that contain only one CSAT question.


NPS℠ Card

The Net Promoter Score℠ is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters when assigning the KPI designation to NPS questions.


Response Rate Card

The “Response rate” card indicates (in percentage) the proportion of responded surveys from the pool of sent surveys.


Sent Surveys Card

The “Sent surveys” card displays the number of post-interaction surveys that have been successfully delivered to contact persons.


Responses Card

The “Responses” card indicates the number of surveys collected from respondents with one or more answered questions.



  • All surveys sent and received, and their associated raw response data, are available through the Feedback Flow Report. 
  • Live Feedback Stream intends to show data that can be further acted on. Because of this, there may be a difference in the number of surveys sent and received between Live Feedback Stream and Feedback Flow Report, because the raw data will contain surveys that were suppressed or opt-outs. 
  • Summary Strip cards take into account all response data, but the list of responses in the Live Feedback Stream shows only what your respondents have submitted. System-generated suppression and opt-outs can be accessed from the Feedback Flow Report. 


Response Details

From the main list of responses on Live Stream, key details of each individual response will be available, such as KPI scores, timestamp, Agent, survey channel, and more. 

You can then dive further into the metadata and context related to each response. When opening up the response panel, you can see all the available information for each specific response.

On the response panel, the following items are visible:


  • All answers to the survey questions.
  • Metadata associated with the interaction that happened prior to the survey.
  • An audio player with the call audio in order to gain a deeper understanding as to why a respondent may have answered the survey the way they did.



To access the filters, enter Live Feedback Stream and click the Filter icon, at the top right of the page. Filters allow you to get a list of responses by date and a number of fields that relate to the survey data and interaction metadata collected in the response submission. 


Note: Summary Strip obeys all filters.


Below is the list of available filters and their purpose: 

Filter name  Purpose
“Date range” Responses within a given period of time.
“CSAT Rating” Responses with selected Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings (from 1 to 5).
NPS® Rating Responses with Detractors (score 0-6), Passives (score 7-8), or Promoters (score 9-10).
“Survey flow” Name of the survey flow.
“Interaction ID” Responses for a specific interaction or interactions. 
“Agent” Responses related to a specific Agent or group of Agents.
“Ring groups” Ring groups of the survey interaction.
Teams Teams of the survey interaction.
“Survey channel” Responses for a specific survey channel, SMS, IVR, Chat, or both.
“Feedback type”  Responses with open feedback.
"Flow name" Name of the survey flow.


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