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Talkdesk Activities with New Data Model in Talkdesk for Salesforce


Talkdesk for Salesforce can now reflect the New Talkdesk Data Model. This includes a new Talkdesk Activity layout, new fields, and some changes to the existing fields of information, such as more detailed information about calls and their outcomes.


Note: The feature is already generally available, but it is not enabled by default. For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


What is different about the new data model?

On the former data model, one interaction was represented by one Talkdesk Activity, independent of, for example, how many call legs existed on that one call.

With the new reporting data model, there will now be a Talkdesk activity for each Interaction, as well as for each Contact within that Interaction. There will be a parent-child relationship between Talkdesk activities, such that an Interaction activity may have one or more Contact activities.


Interaction Level Talkdesk Activity


The activity at the Interaction level will be created at the beginning of the call, either when the call reaches the contact center (inbound) or when an agent starts a call (outbound).

  • Each Talkdesk activity of the type interaction will have a unique interaction_id and will contain details about the interaction from beginning to end [1]
  • The fields related with the interaction will be shown in the first section of the Talkdesk activity layout [2].
  • The fields in this box [3] will be populated at the end of the call if the account has the Speech Analytics product with Transcriptions enabled.
  • The fields in this box [4] will be populated at the end of the call with information about calls made through Talkdesk Outbound Dialer.


Contact Level Talkdesk Activity


  • The activity at the Contact level will have a unique contact_id and will contain information about the individual Contacts themselves, which may be multiple during the course of an Interaction
  • Every time a call is added to a queue, or transferred to another agent, a new Contact will begin, and a new Talkdesk activity is created to represent it. 
  • The fields related with the Contact will be shown in the second section of the Talkdesk activity layout.

While there are two types of Talkdesk Activities, both are part of the same Salesforce object. The relationship between a Contact activity, and its parent Interaction activity, will be represented by a Lookup field named Related Talkdesk Activity present on all Contact level Talkdesk activities. 


In the Talkdesk Activities at the Interaction level, in the tab Related, it will be possible to see all Talkdesk Activities from the Contact level that are part of the same interaction.


Viewing Talkdesk activity with New Data Model information

Once the new data model is enabled, please make sure to assign the new Talkdesk activity layout that has the new data model information.

To do so, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to Setup [1] in Salesforce and choose Object Manager. 


  1. Search for Talkdesk Activities [2].


  1. On the left side, open Page Layouts [3] and click on Page Layout Assignment [4].


  1. On “Edit Assignments” select the one called Talkdesk Activity Layout - New Data Model and assign it to the relevant profiles.
  2. After saving, return to the Talkdesk activity record page. You should see the new layout with two sections, the first with interaction level data and the second with contact level data.
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