Viewing Digital Channel Engagement interactions in Talkdesk Activities

If you use the Digital Channel Engagement (DCE) product to manage your digital omnichannel interactions, you can have access to your DCE data in Salesforce. To do so, you first need to enable the New Data Model in your account.

To know more about the New Data Model and how to update your Salesforce account, please check this article. To learn more about DCE, read this article.

Once the new data model is enabled for your account, the fields corresponding to DCE information will be shown in the Talkdesk Activity layout.


After you complete the setup outlined in Talkdesk Activities With New Data Model, for each digital interaction, a new Talkdesk Activity of the interaction type will be created. The available data from the interaction can be seen in the “Interaction” section of the Talkdesk activity record.

Each Talkdesk activity will detail:

  • The start and end time of the interaction.
  • The channel in which it took place (Chat, SMS, Email). 
  • The direction and touchpoint of the interaction.
  • The contact person channel, either a phone number if SMS, or an id if chat.
  • For Email interactions, if the contact person email is synced with Talkdesk. This will also be present in the Talkdesk activity under “User Email”.

In addition to the fields above, the user can leverage the conversation URL to navigate to DCE and see the same interaction directly in Talkdesk Workspace.



  • Digital interactions only create one Talkdesk activity of the type interaction per conversation.
  • The Talkdesk activity will not showcase how many agents handled the same interaction.
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