Viewing Digital Channel Engagement interactions in Talkdesk Activities

If you use the Digital Channel Engagement (DCE) product to manage your digital omnichannel interactions, you can have access to your DCE data in Salesforce. To do so, if you are using the new data model, upgrade T4SF to a version superior to 5.5. If you are using the legacy data model, you must request Talkdesk Support to enable Digital Talkdesk activities. 

Once it is enabled for your account, the fields corresponding to DCE information will be available to be added to your Talkdesk Activity layout.


If you are using the new data model in Talkdesk for Salesforce (with interaction and contact data), for each digital interaction, a new Talkdesk Activity of the interaction type will be created. The available data from the interaction can be seen in the “Interaction” section [1] of the Talkdesk activity record.

In the legacy data model (only calls data), for each digital interaction, a new Talkdesk activity will be created.

For Talkdesk activities to be created correctly, make sure to add the names of the channels you will be using to the “Channel” field in Salesforce Talkdesk activity. 

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup and select Object Manager.
  2. Search for Talkdesk Activity and go to the “Fields & Relationships” section.
  3. Use the search box or manually scroll to find the field “Channel”.
  4. Add new values to the pick-list values and add the names of the channels you will be using, for example: Chat, SMS, Email, WhatsApp.

Independently of the Talkdesk activities data model you are in, the information available in digital Talkdesk activities will be the following:

Field Name Description
Start Time Shows the time at which the interaction started
End Time Shows the time at which the conversation was ended by the agent
Channel Presents the conversation channel used (SMS, Email, Chat, WhatsApp)
Direction Shows if the interaction started as inbound or outbound
Talkdesk Touchpoint Stores information about the Talkdesk touchpoint used to start that interaction (e.g. phone number, email, chat address)
Contact Person Channel Shows the touchpoint used by the contact person (e.g. phone number from which they started an SMS conversation, email, chat ID)
Disposition Stores the disposition selected by the agent who closed the conversation on the interaction wrap up screen
Notes Stores all the notes taken during the interaction and in wrap up screen
Ring Groups Shows all the queues to which that interaction was assigned or “rang to”
User Stores the name of the user who ended the conversation
Conversation URL A link to navigate to Talkdesk Workspace and see the whole conversation



  • In the new data model, digital interactions only create one Talkdesk activity of the type interaction per conversation.
  • Talkdesk activity will not showcase how many agents handled the same interaction or the assignment changes.
  • Depending on your Talkdesk for Salesforce package version, some of the fields outlined above may not be available. If you can’t find any of these fields in the Talkdesk Activity object in Salesforce, make sure to upgrade to the latest version.
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