Showing Transcriptions in Talkdesk Activity

Transcriptions are useful data for customers who leverage Interaction Analytics or Quality Management Assist features. This guide instructs you on how to enable transcriptions for your Salesforce calls.


Enabling transcriptions

To access transcription data, please make sure that you:


  • Have the latest version of the Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package.
  • Requested the feature activation through support.
  • Enabled Inbound Call Recording and Outbound Call Recording in Admin Preferences 
  • Saved the integration configuration page in Talkdesk.


  • You clicked Save in the Settings page of Talkdesk Admin in Salesforce.


Finding transcription data in Talkdesk Activity


In Talkdesk Activity, you can see three types of transcription data: the “Customer Overall Sentiment”, the “Transcription”, and a hyperlink to the Speech Analysis app in Workspace. If Transcriptions are enabled, transcription data will become available a few minutes after a call has ended.

The transcription field can also distinguish between speakers. In the above example, “Contact”’ is the name of the far-end, while “Jack Smith” is the name of the agent. 


Note: With transfer calls, the system only transcribes the speech after the last transfer.


Adding transcription fields to Talkdesk activity layout

If you can’t see the transcription fields in the Talkdesk activity, you should add them manually to the Talkdesk activity page layout. 


  1. Go to Setup [1] and select Object Manager [2].


  1. Go to Talkdesk Activity and select Page Layouts [3].


  1. Search for the fields “Customer Overall Sentiment”, “Transcription”, and “Interaction Analytics deep link”. Drag and drop those fields to a section of the page layout and click Save [4].


You should now be able to see transcription data in Talkdesk Activity.

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