Explore Duplicate Custom Reports

Talkdesk Explore™ has a new feature - the Duplicate Custom Reports capability. You can now duplicate your custom Explore reports with just a single click, making data Exploration even easier. 


Duplicating a Custom Report 

Please follow these steps:



Create and store a custom report on the Explore [1] new landing page, in the column “Type” [2] where it says My Reports [3].



  1. Open the recently created report you want to duplicate [4].


2. Click on the Duplicate button [5]


3. Name the new duplicate report [6].

4. Click on the  Duplicate button [7]



Duplicating a shared custom report

You can duplicate a shared custom report, but it will not receive the same sharing permissions:


  1. Go to the landing page
  2. In the Name [1] column, look for the Shared icon [2] next to the report.
  3. Open the shared report [3] you want to duplicate.


4. After opening the shared custom report, click on the Duplicate button [4].


You can duplicate the report, but it will not have the same sharing permissions as the original.
Above you’ll see the note ”Contacts v2” report is being shared. The duplicated report will not inherit shares.





  • This feature is only available for customers with access to custom reporting.
  • Duplicate is only available for custom reports, it does not work for custom dashboards. 
  • After duplicating a custom report, users will continue to have access to the original content.
  • The user can duplicate a shared report, but the duplicate custom report will not inherit shares. 
  • The duplicate report will have the same actions as a custom report: 
    • Edit.
    • Download.
    • Send.
    • Schedule.
    • Delete.


For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Explore documentation.


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