Explore New Landing Page Overview

As of March 2022, the Talkdesk Explore™ landing page has a new User Interface (UI) that allows faster access and smoother interaction with the different types of dashboards and reports.

With the new UI you are now able to:

  • Quickly access reports and dashboards names, types, creators, and schedule numbers.
  • Navigate through reports and/or dashboards using a pagination system, with the possibility of directly choosing which page to view.
  • Identify the reports you have shared with other users, as well as which reports have been shared with you and who created them.
  • See a complete list of all reports and/or dashboards you have in your account;
  • Sort the information by name, type, or number of schedules.
  • Continue to filter by “Scheduled only”.
  • Search reports/dashboards by name or type.



Navigation on the new landing page

By default, the Explore home page shows all reports and dashboards available in your account.


By clicking on the [1] icon, you can choose to restrict the view to:

  • Default dashboards.
  • My dashboards.
  • Default reports.
  • My reports.
  • Reports shared with me.



Once you choose which type of dashboards or reports you want to view, only those will become visible. You can then sort them by Name, Type, Creator, or number of Schedules by clicking on the icon next to each of those labels.



Reports that you share with other users will be marked as Shared [2].



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