Talkdesk Digital Engagement: SMS Channel for Agents



Once you activate SMS in your Talkdesk account, you can see all incoming SMS conversations, assign specific items, initiate an outbound SMS, send back to the original queue, or close the conversation whenever the discussion topic is resolved.

All the SMS conversations that are assigned to you, and those on a queue, will be visible on the “Conversations” Panel.



After opening the Conversations app, you can open the Inbox tab and see all new incoming Conversations. For full information on how to use the Inbox tab, please read this section.




In the Assigned to you [1] tab, you can open each active conversation. The active conversations are organized by channels.

  • After clicking on a conversation [2] on the Assigned to you tab, the corresponding past messages appear on the right side of the Conversations App.
  • At the top, there’s the contact person’s name and number of the opened conversation [3]
  • You can also search for specific content within the conversation [4]. The searched items will appear highlighted in the conversation, as you scroll through its past messages.
  • In the message box [5] you can type new messages, which can be sent either by hitting “Shift” + “Enter” on your keyboard, or by clicking the Send [6] button. To add a new line to the message, press the “Enter” key.
  • Once the conversation ends, click on the End Chat [7] button and the conversation will no longer appear on the Assigned to you tab.
  • If you cannot resolve this issue, choose Send to Inbox [8] and the conversation will be returned to the Inbox tab where it originated from.
  • To initiate a call with this contact, hit the Call [9] button.
  • To transfer the conversation to another Agent or to another queue, click the Transfer [10] button
  • To initiate a new Outbound SMS, click on the + New Conversation button [11] and select the SMS option.

Default Touchpoint: New Outbound SMS

When initiating a new SMS for the first time during a session, the “Outbound on” field [1] will be empty, and agents must select the desired touchpoint to send the communication.

If the same agent performs new outbound conversations via SMS during the work session, then the “Outbound on” field [2] will have the last touchpoint used for outbounds pre-selected.

By using the last-selected SMS outbound as default, agents will be able to immediately initiate outbound SMS interactions. The pre-selected outbound can be changed whenever required.

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