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Missed Contacts


Data Model

Missed Contacts on Talkdesk Live™ is a contacts data model metric.



A contact is considered missed if one of the following occurs:

  • All assignment attempts were ignored or rejected by the agent(s).
  • The flow reached the maximum waiting time in the Assignment & Dial component.
  • The “Only Available” option is selected in the Agents to Ring settings in the Assignment & Dial component and no agents are available.
  • The “Exhaust” option is selected in the Agents to Ring settings in the Assignment & Dial component, and all possibilities have been exhausted.



A contact is counted as missed only one time regardless of:

  • The number of agents who reject or ignore the assignment attempt of the contact.
  • The number of times the same agent ignores or rejects the assignment attempt of the contact.

For information regarding agents that ignored or rejected assignment attempts, use Ring Attempts data in Explore.




The default name for this widget is Missed Contacts, but you can change it to a custom name, up to 64 characters.




The Missed Contacts metric can be broken down by ring group (queue). When the ring group breakdown is applied, the widget will display a list of ring groups with each ring group’s respective Missed Contacts count. (See Visualization.)

Breakdown by team is not offered for this widget because it is possible to have many assignment attempts for the same contact, depending on the Agents to Ring settings in the flow. A team breakdown would count the same contact multiple times if multiple assignment attempts were made, resulting in a different total between a team breakdown visualization and a metric visualization.


Time Span


The Missed Contacts metric can be displayed for any of the following time intervals:

  • Last 15 minutes
  • Last 30 minutes
  • Last hour
  • Today

The starting point for the “Today” time span is midnight of the time zone selected for the dashboard.




The default visualization for Missed Contacts is Metric.


If the ring group breakdown is selected, the visualization will automatically change to List.




Up to three threshold rules can be set for the Missed Contacts metric. To learn more about how to use thresholds, see Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview.

While thresholds can be set for any widget, as a best practice we generally recommend they be reserved for metrics that are averages or percentages rather than for metrics that are counts of contacts, such as Missed Contacts.




You can filter the Missed Contacts metric by ring group. This filter applies to the ring groups (queues) in which the contacts were missed.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.

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