Live Contacts List

Data Model

The Live Contacts List widget on Talkdesk Live™ leverages the contacts data model.



The Live Contacts List isn’t a metric; it displays a list of live contacts with the following information for each contact:

  • Channel: indicates the channel associated with a contact, as well as its direction (inbound or outbound).
  • Status: current status of the contact - queued, ringing (voice only), in progress, ACW, assigned (digital only).
  • Agent: the name of the agent handling the contact. An agent name appears only if the contact is in progress or ACW state.
  • Contact info:  information that identifies the contact person, like the ANI of the caller, for the voice channel or SMSs, or chats, and the URL of the visitor when he started the conversation, among others.
  • Queues: the contact’s current queue.
  • Live Queues: all queues (skills) the flow is searching for to assign the contact to an agent.
  • Duration: the current duration of the contact since entering the queue.
  • Callback: for voice channel, indicates if the caller selected the option to have the system hold his place in the queue and receive a callback from the next agent who becomes available.


In addition to the information listed above, the Live Contacts Widget also allows you to perform some Supervisor actions, if the correct permission is enabled on your assigned role.

new live contacts list.png

By clicking on the three ellipses on the far right of the widget, you either select Copy details [1], Monitor [2], or you can choose Transfer [2].




The default name for this widget is Live Contacts List, but you can change it to a custom name, up to 64 characters.



Because the Live Contacts List is already broken down to its most granular view (each contact) there are no additional breakdown options.


Time Span

The Live Contacts List is a real-time view and the time span cannot be modified.




The default visualization for the Live Contacts List widget is List. No other visualization options can be applied to this widget. You can sort the widget ascending or descending by:

  • “Channel” [1].
  • “Status” [2].
  • “Agent” [3].
  • “Duration” [4].
  • “Callback” [5].


Channel Icons

Each icon in the column Channel means a different channel:


mceclip0.png Incoming Call.

mceclip1.pngOutbound Call.





Facebook Messenger.

Digital connect.


The Threshold

Thresholds are not offered for the Live Contacts List widget.




You can filter the Live Contacts List widget by "Teams", "Status", "Channel", "Voice Direction", or "Queues".

The "Teams" filter applies to the teams assigned to the agents who are currently handling a contact.

The "Status" filter applies to the current status of the contact: queued, ringing, in progress, or ACW.

The "Channel" filter applies to the channels of the contact: voice, email, SMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Digital Connect.


The "Voice Direction" filter applies to the direction of the contact: either inbound or outbound.

The "Queues" filter applies to the queues in which the contacts arrived or to which the contacts were transferred.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.

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