Abandon Rate

Data Model

Abandon Rate on Talkdesk Live is a contacts data model metric.



The percentage of Inbound Contacts that were Abandoned.



If the short abandoned setting is enabled:

(Abandoned Contacts) / (Inbound Contacts - Short Abandoned Contacts).


If the short abandoned setting is not enabled:

Abandoned Contacts / Inbound Contacts.




The default name for this widget is “Abandon Rate”, but you can change it to a custom name, up to 64 characters.




The Abandon Rate metric can be broken down by queue. When the queue breakdown is applied, the widget will display a list of queues with each queue’s Abandon Rate metric. (See Visualization.)

The queue for this breakdown is the queue in which a contact arrived, or the queue to which a contact was transferred. Because Live is built on the contacts data model, you can have a single interaction with multiple contacts. 

For example, a single interaction can have an answered contact in the queue in which it arrived, and an abandoned contact if the contact person was transferred to another queue and abandoned while waiting.


Sort Capabilities


In breakdown mode, you can sort the Abandon Rate metric by Queue and Value. You can sort the information by alphabetic order or value.


Time Span


The Abandon Rate metric can be displayed for any of the following time intervals:

  • Last 15 minutes
  • Last 30 minutes
  • Last hour
  • Today

By default, the time span for the Abandon Rate metric is “Today”. The starting point for the “Today” time span is midnight of the time zone selected for the dashboard.




The default visualization for Abandon Rate is Gauge.



The Metric visualization is also available for Abandon Rate.



If the queue breakdown is selected, the visualization will automatically change to List.

Note: If any thresholds are applied to the widget, the target and corresponding threshold color will be displayed on the widget.




You can set up to three threshold rules for the Abandon Rate metric. To learn more about how to use thresholds, see Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview.




You can filter the Abandon Rate metric by the queue. This filter applies to the queues in which the contacts were abandoned.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.


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