Installing Talkdesk Performance Management

Once the Performance Management app has been installed, you can access PM in Talkdesk Workspace, by clicking the “Performance Management” icon: Screen_Shot_2022-11-24_at_10.27.09_AM.png on the sidebar.


Note: You can also access the app in Talkdesk Classic by going to the My Apps launchpad [1] and selecting Performance Management [2].



Before accessing the Performance Management app, please make sure that Talkdesk has enabled the app and granted you access.


Access and Permissions

To manage which team members have access to PM, you first need to assign them a role. Learn how to do it by visiting the Assigning Users to Roles article.


Challenges, Measures, Coaching, Opportunities, and Leaderboards Permissions

To configure the user permissions, follow the steps below:


Note: If you are in Talkdesk Classic, you can access all features described below in the “Admin” section. 

1. Select Admin [1].

2. Click the Roles and Permissions tab [2].

3. Choose the role that you would like to change [3].


4. Once within the role’s page, click on Permissions [4], and then Edit [5].


5. Scroll down to the Performance Management section and expand it. Here, you can grant or remove the permissions available by selecting or deselecting the following buttons:

  • To allow users to perform challenges:
    • On the "Challenges" section, select the “View”, "Update" “Create” and/or “Delete” [6]  permission options.
  • To allow users to create new Measures: 
    • On the "Measures" section, select the "Update" permission option [7].
  • To allow users to view, update, create and/or delete coaching sessions:
    • On the "Coaching" section, select the “View”, "Update", “Create” and/or “Delete” [8] permission options.
    •  On the "Opportunities" section, select the “View”, “Create” and/or “Delete” [9] permission options.
  • To allow users to view their results in the “Leaderboard” with their full names or in an anonymized way: 
    • On the "Leaderboards" section, select “Anonymized” and/or “Full view” [10].

Once you've finished configuring the permissions, you must scroll up and click "Save" to apply the changes. 

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