Managing Kustomer Custom Fields

Talkdesk® integrations typically offer a set of actions to be executed on an external system when triggered by Talkdesk events.

If you’re using our integration with Kustomer, here are some examples of Kustomer Actions that can be executed:

  • Capture a call event
  • Capture a call note
  • Capture a call recording
  • Create a customer

Each of these actions shows a set of fields that are standard for that object, and the values for each field can be configured.


The image above is an example. The fields shown on the action are standard and shown as default.


Customizing Kustomer Fields

Talkdesk offers a feature that allows the configuration of custom Kustomer fields on an action.

 Let's say we have a custom Kustomer field called “Region” that needs to be filled in when the “Capture the call event” action is executed. In that case, you can complete the process by doing the following steps:


1. Create or edit a Kustomer automation.

2. Scroll to the end of the page and click on Add custom field.


3. Add the custom field name on the “Custom key field”, fill in the value for the field (can be free text, typical drag and drop from the fields on the left, and Studio Context Variables) and hit Save.



  • Multiple custom fields can be added for each automation/action configured for Kustomer.
  • To delete a custom field, just click on the “x” button next to the respective field.


4. On Kustomer, edit your flow to map the new field being sent to the correct field. The above image is an example of a Kustomer flow with a mapping being made for the region custom field.


When the configurations are done and the automation is executed successfully, the new field and value should then be present on Kustomer’s side:


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