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Kustomer Integration Activation


Activate the integration between Talkdesk and Kustomer by following the steps below.

Get Your Kustomer API Key

Log in to your Kustomer account and follow these steps to get your API key:

  • Click the settings gear icon on the left sidebar [1].
  • Select API Keys [2].
  • Click on New API Key [3]:

  • Provide a name for your API key [4]. 
  • Select the org.admin and org.user roles [5]. 
  • Press Save [6]:

  • Now, copy your API key [7] and save it somewhere safe before continuing:

  • Copy your webhook URL. If you don't have a webhook URL provided by Kustomer, please contact Kustomer Support for instructions, as you will need a webhook URL to activate the integration in Talkdesk (see below).

Activate the Kustomer Integration in Talkdesk

  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Admin section [8]. 
  • Select the Integrations tab [9].
  • On the “Integrations Manager” page, click on Add New Integration [10]. 


  • Find Kustomer and click on Add Integration [11].


  • Enter your Kustomer account URL [12].
  • Paste your API token [13].
  • Enter the Web Hook URL [14].
  • Select the appropriate settings for contact synchronization, agent synchronization, interactional retrieval and action preview [15].
  • Click on Save [16].


The integration is now configured and, if you have enabled contact and/or agent synchronization, those processes will start immediately. You may also begin adding automations.

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