Automating tasks in your Kustomer Integration

With automated tasks, your agents can stay busy handling calls without having to go back and forth updating two systems with redundant information. You can create the following rules to keep agent busy work to a minimum:

  • When a contact is created in Talkdesk, create a customer in Kustomer.
  • When an inbound disposition code is set in Talkdesk, create a note in Kustomer.
  • When an outbound disposition code is set in Talkdesk, create a note in Kustomer.

These automated tasks will help to streamline customer interactions and enhance the quality of service your team provides to customers.

To add and configure automated tasks, follow these steps:


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to Admin [1] > Integrations [2].
  • Select Kustomer [3].


  • Click Add New Automated Task or Add your first automated task for Kustomer [4] if you don’t have any yet. This will direct you to a page where you can define your new automation’s parameters according to your needs.


Example: Capture a call note when an outbound disposition is set

Let’s walk through creating the automated task, “When an outbound call disposition code is set then capture a call note in Kustomer”.


In Section 1, “Choose a Talkdesk event and an action”, configure a statement like “When an outbound call disposition is set [5] in Talkdesk then capture a call note [6] in Kustomer”.

If desired, you can click Add filter in Section 2, “Define event”, to fire this automation only when certain conditions are met. 

See our full documentation on Automated Tasks Filters for more information. 


In Section 3, “Define Action”, you can define the note details sent to Kustomer by dragging the relevant fields into the text boxes, such as the phone number [7] your agent dialed and call’s start time [8]

For more information, read the article Automated Tasks Fields

Once the configuration is complete, click Save at the bottom of the page to activate the automated task.



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