Automated Tasks Filters

Automated Tasks, also known as “automations”, give teams the ability to be more efficient by sending data to external systems automatically.

It is possible to filter the automations execution by specific criteria (e.g., Talkdesk number dialed, ring group, etc.). For example, you can configure Talkdesk to only send an email with the voicemail transcription when the voicemail was received outside of business hours, by filtering this automated task execution by time; or you can configure Talkdesk to log your sales calls on the CRM and log the support ones in your Helpdesk system. The possibilities are endless.


Adding Automations Filters


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator and navigate to Admin [1] > Integrations [2].
    • Note: Your role must contain the appropriate permissions to see these options. Learn more at Team Roles.
  • Select an integration to see its automations. We’ll use Email Notifier [3] as an example here. 


  • To configure the filters in existing automations, click the gear icon > Edit [4]
  • You can configure filters in a new automation by clicking Add New Automated Task [5].


Notes and Tips 

  • Automations support multiple filters. Simply add more filters by clicking Add filter as needed.
  • Automations will only execute if all filters are met. In other words, the system applies AND between each of the parameters defined by the filters. 
  • Talkdesk will prepopulate values for certain configurations to avoid possible misspellings and configuration errors, allowing you to make a selection from the drop-down lists (e.g., “Contact Center number”, “Is equal”, “+1 000-1553-1321”).

Certain filters require special attention while implementing as explained below.


Filtering by Changes in Agent Status

For the filters related to a change in the agent status, you must type in the statuses with all letters in lowercase, even if the status is configured in Talkdesk with a different capitalization. This applies to both default and custom statuses.

However, using Contains with "away" or "busy" will prime the automation to fire for all yellow and red statuses, respectively. To be notified for changes using the default statuses named Away or Busy, we recommend using filter Is Equal.


For the automated task “When an agent status changes in Talkdesk then send a message to a slack #channel in Slack”, configure the filter as follows:



Filtering by Agents’ Ring Group

When configuring an automation with the agent’s ring group in the filter, the automated task will not work if you set up the filter with Is equal. Thus, you must select Contains and then type in the name of the ring group in the subsequent field.


For the automated task “When an agent logs out in Talkdesk then Create a new ticket in Zendesk”, configure the filter as follows:



Filtering by Business Hours

Filters dependent on business hours require Is equal in their configuration, followed by true or false in the subsequent field (all lowercase).


To set business hours for the automated task "When a call is missed in Talkdesk then send an email in Email Notifier", configure the filter as follows:


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