Managing Live Agents and Live Contacts Widgets

Talkdesk Live™ offers a few advanced features that help you manage your team more accurately.

Note: Please make sure you allow permissions on your browser, before using your Talkdesk account.


Changing your Agent Status

The first of several features is the “Change Agent Status”. While keeping an eye on real-time information about your agents and your queues activities, you can take direct action on agents’ statuses.

For instance, if an agent forgot to log out they’ll not be showing as “Available” or “Away” on your Agents List, but you can update their status to “Offline”.



In the “Live Agents List” widget, you see your agents’ list.


To change an agent’s status, click on the drop-down arrow next to the current status. A window appears allowing you to choose the new status. On the Agent, side will appear a notification warning that the status has been updated.


Monitoring your Contacts

In Live you can monitor “In Progress” contacts from your “Live Contacts List” view.


After choosing the contact you want to audit, select More Options  “···”, and then hit Monitor.

Note: To guarantee that you have access to this feature, please make sure the Monitor permission is enabled in the Roles and Permissions tab.

Sorting your Live list views

“Live Contacts List” and “Live Agents List” have the option for you to sort the content within the columns so that you can better visualize your agents’ statuses or the calls your agents may have in real-time.



Note that there are two non-sortable columns: “Queues”, and “Contact Numbers”.


Searching for your Agents in Live list views

For additional insights, you can also search for an Agent Name in both “Live Agents List” and “Live Contacts List”.


Click on Search (magnifying glass).



You just need to input three characters of the name on the search bar and hit Enter. In this example, we looked for agents’ names with the sequence of letters “Bru” in their names. The results are shown immediately.


Linking Live to Explore

Clicking on an Agent Name, in the “Live Agent List” diverts you to Explore's Agent Details Dashboard already filtered by the agent name.


If, for instance, you click on “Alan”, as shown in the screenshot above, you’ll be redirected to Agents Details Default Dashboard.


“Agents Details” are prompted on the screen already filtered by agent “Alan” for your quick analysis. 

Tip: By default, Explore will show the data for the last 24 hours, but you can change it on the “Filters” field and then click Run, when all the changes are done.

For more information on how to manage and edit Talkdesk Live widgets, please visit Configuring Talkdesk New Version of Live Widgets.


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