Copilot: Overview

Make every agent your best agent with the Talkdesk Copilot™ (formerly known as Agent Assist) application.

A day of work in a  call center will often involve short, repetitive interactions, sustained over long periods of time. The agent is asked to quickly understand problems and provide solutions while navigating through several informational systems and carrying an empathetic conversation at the same time.

Copilot helps agents overcome those challenges of a high cognitive workload, by using Artificial intelligence (AI) to:

  • Transcribe the conversation in real-time, helping the agent to keep track of what customers are saying and highlighting what is most relevant.
  • Automatically search for the most appropriate answers to customer queries and present them to the Agent, avoiding the need to jump between different applications.
  • Present real-time conversational guidance and automate business processes when appropriate.

This app connects directly with Talkdesk Knowledge Management™, which allows you to build your own AI-ready Knowledge Base or connect an existing one. To get a list of Knowledge Base connectors, check this article.

Bear in mind that Copilot can also transcribe calls in multiple languages. To get a full list of the languages, visit this page

In the sections below, you can find information about: 


Accessing Copilot

Copilot is readily available in every new Talkdesk account, meaning no additional installation is required. 

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This app can be accessed through the Talkdesk Workspace Secondary Area panel [1].


Besides the search bar and the icon to access the bookmarks area, which is located at the top of the application, you will be able to see:

  • Copilot quick onboarding tips [2]: These messages can be dismissed by the user and will no longer be presented.
  • “Trending topics” [3]: Trending topics are captured based on the intent model connected to Copilot. To learn more about intent models and how to train them using Talkdesk AI Trainer™, check this page. If you do not have an intent model connected to Copilot, or if your model is empty, this widget will not be shown. For each trending topic, Copilot will highlight the top-recommended article from the Knowledge Base (if there is content in Talkdesk Knowledge Management, either created in the application or connected through an external knowledge base). The topics presented are the most common for the last seven days.
  • Most frequent searches” [4]: These will be the top search queries made by all users on the application in the last seven days. Please note that agents are only able to get search results if there is content in Talkdesk Knowledge Management, either created in the application or connected through an external knowledge base.


Ongoing Interactions

The Copilot interface will automatically change as soon as an interaction starts.


On voice interactions, the call transcription will begin, and recommendations will be generated and presented above the transcription.


Agents can interact with the transcription by hovering their cursor on top of each transcription bubble. They can perform a search using the sentence inside the bubble, without the need to copy and paste it into the search box. They can also click to copy the sentence to the clipboard and then paste it whenever needed.


On digital interactions (Talkdesk Chat and SMS only), Copilot will present a list of recommendations.


Once a user clicks on a recommendation, either during a voice or a digital interaction, a new page will be opened with the full content, which can be evaluated (thumbs up/thumbs down) or bookmarked.

“Interaction Summary” Screen

Once an interaction ends, Copilot will present the “Call summary” wrap-up screen. Within it, agents can still revisit information from the call and use it to ease the after-call work, if necessary. Copilot also enables agents to download the “Call summary” information so that it is available for consultation afterward.


Within the “Call summary” screen, you can find the following cards: 

  • Highlights”: Reveals the main topics of discussion that took place throughout the call.  
  • Recommendations”: Shows the recommended articles that were suggested during the call. This allows agents to navigate through the recommendations. To open one of the suggested articles, simply click on it.
  • "Transcription”: Presents the full transcription of the call and enables agents to copy information from the transcription. To do so, hover over a transcription bubble and select the “Copy” button on the pop-up window that is displayed.

Note: The transcription is only accessible until the agent gets the next call. 

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