Talkdesk Knowledge Management: Overview

Talkdesk Knowledge Management™ is an AI-powered Knowledge Base that brings an integrated layer of Knowledge to your enterprise. It uses and organizes knowledge, taking into account how critical it is to have up-to-date and reusable information across an enterprise.

Knowledge Management also supports the ability to bring 3rd party content - see article External sources - so that products like Copilot or Autopilot receive the most accurate information, whether managed inside Talkdesk Knowledge Management or from 3rd party sources.


Once the app has been installed in your account, it can be accessed via My Apps [1].



There is no direct dependency of Knowledge Management on any other Talkdesk platform, making it possible to work as a standalone application. 

If you are using the Talkdesk Copilot application, with Knowledge Management, you will have the capability of making search queries to Knowledge Management content and get answers without needing to open Knowledge Management.

To learn more about setting up Copilot in Talkdesk, please visit the article Copilot Overview.


Access and Permissions

To manage which team members have access to Knowledge Management, please follow these steps:


1. In your Talkdesk account, click on Knowledge Management [1].


2. Select the desired users [2].

3. Choose Save changes [3].

You should also make sure that administrators and supervisors are granted the right permissions, as described next.

For more information about roles, please visit the article Team Roles.


Permission to Create and Edit Content

  • Leveraging Roles & Permissions

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