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Managing Agents’ Requests

Agent Requests is utilized to manage all agent requests to make changes to their schedules in one location. We have created a method that will allow any request from an agent to be filtered and managed within WFM itself to eliminate the need for tracking these requests in outside systems.

Go to the "Team Schedule" page, from here there are two places to access the request.
In this example, you can see there is a new request that has not been seen, as indicated by the "Request" icon at the top of the page.

Selecting a request from this list or selecting the full request list will open up the full window of requests that have been made. From here you can approve or deny the request. Once the status has changed from "Pending" to either "Approved" or "Denied", a notification of an unread request update will appear on the agent’s request icon.



Requests can be filtered by:

  • Status
    • Pending
    • Approved
    • Denied
  • Agent
  • Team

Managing Forecasts

The forecast page displays the forecast for a particular queue.



The forecast can be edited for each day, using the table.



Upon saving:

  • New IVO daily total is distributed through the day, according to the previous IVO on each 15m interval. Carry over rounding is used so that the daily total is exactly matched.
  • New AHT daily average is distributed through the day, according to the previous IVO on each 15m interval.
  • Staffing for the day is recalculated.
  • All graphics are updated with the new values.

During the configured window, WFM will re-schedule and re-simulate considering all the changes made on Forecast, Schedule and Configurations.


Manage Teams' schedulesWFM_Resource_3.png


Manage Team Events

Create Event

Users can create any kind of event on agent’s schedules. Depending on the usage type, the event can be created for 1 agent (shift, break, time off) or for multiple agents (meeting).



View Event



Edit Event



Delete Event



Managing Intraday


Insights page allows Supervisors and Resource Planners to keep an eye on Contact Centers’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It is possible to add multiple charts and to select the metrics to view on each graphic (2 metrics per graphic). For each selected metric, WFM will show Forecasted, Predicted and History timeseries, allowing users to compare the predicted/projected performance and the actual performance, and decide, in real time, the actions to undertake.

The available metrics and time series are described in section WFM Metrics and Time Series.

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