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Creating a Campaign


To create a campaign on the Outbound Dialer, please take these steps:


1. Go to Campaigns [1].

2. Click on New Campaign [2].


3. Give it a name on the “New campaign” pop-up window [3].

4. Hit Next [4].


According to the goals for the campaign, fill in these fields:


5. Configure your “Campaign priority” [5] on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). The default priority for any campaign is 5.

Note: If you share agents for various Campaigns with different priorities - e.g. Campaign A has priority 10, and Campaign B priority 5 - the Records in the campaign with the lowest priority will only be dialed when there are no more records to be dialed in the highest priority Campaign (either because records have been finished or scheduled to be retried later). In Campaigns with the same priority, the dialer will call records for both campaigns, randomly allocating agents in between.

6. “Max. dialing ratio” [6].

7. “Max. abandonment rate” [7].

Note: While the campaign is running, the "Max. abandonment rate" may exceed the specified rate, for several reasons like unexpected change in agent status, etc. Therefore, for Campaigns targeting strictly regulated markets like US/UK, we recommend to lookout for abandonment rate in the dashboard and stop the campaign, if it goes beyond the numbers specified on the campaign.

8. “Abandonment timeout” [8].


9. “Max. ring time” [9].

10. Disable/Enable “Answering machine detection” [10], and click Next.


11. Click on Select Caller IDs [11].


A pop-up window appears. As a campaign manager, you can have multiple caller IDs. Caller IDs will be randomized for each call attempt.

12. Select the numbers you wish to add to the campaign. When you’re done, click Select.

13. Set up the “Calling hours” [12] according to your specifications.

14. Add the “Global max. attempts per record” [13] and the “Default retry period” [14].


15. Determine the campaign’s “Dispositions”. To configure these, you can click on admin area of your Talkdesk account [15].

Note: To learn how to create dispositions with the campaign, please read the article Creating a Disposition Set for a Campaign.

16. Configure your “System dispositions” [16], i.e. maximum attempts per system disposition to set custom retry strategies for busy, no answer, and other attempts. For dispositions without custom rules, the dialer will use the “Global Max Attempts” and the “Default Retry Period” defined in the campaign.

Tip: For instance, in the “Busy” system disposition, the dialer will call the contact again, if you select the “Retry” option.

17. Specify the number of times that the dialer will retry the phone call, after a busy outcome, in “Max busy attempts per record” [17].

18. In “Retry period after busy attempts” [18] define the time between call attempts.

19. Click Apply [19] to save your new campaign Dispositions. Scroll up and hit Next to go to the following step.


20. Choose your Table options view [20]. You can see more agents per page and/or select all agents on a page. Select the number of agents you want to appear.

Note: To Select all agents in a page, check the checkbox near “Name”.


21. Select the agents you want to have in the Campaign [21]. If you wish to filter by ring groups, choose Filters [22].


22. Search and filter by ring groups [23].

23. Select Apply [24] and, on the main page, click Next.


24. Select Assign record lists [25].


25. Choose the lists that you want to associate with the Campaign [26], and click Assign [27].


26. In case you want to add a “Do not call list”, click on Assign DNC lists [28].


27. Select the lists to be uploaded to the Campaign, and hit Assign [29].

Note: Besides a phone number, “Do not call entries” may have an expiration date (optional). The dialer will not automatically call entries in “Do not call Lists”, unless the expiration date is overdue. Check Uploading a List to know how to add a list programmatically or via CSV upload.


28. Click Create [30].


Deleting a Campaign


To delete a campaign, you’ll first need to stop it. Click the trash bin icon, on the right side of the campaign, to stop the campaign.

Tip: This feature is only available via UI.


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