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WFM for Agents


Agents’ Schedule

Events on the schedule occupy different layers based on the event type. This layering has several uses:

  • When generating schedules, events that are on the same layer are not allowed to overlap, but events on different layers can. For example, two events with the Break event type could not overlap, but an event on the Meeting layer could overlap a Break event.
  • When editing schedules, the layers can be shown to the user. This makes it clear what items can overlap, and which event will win when the schedule is flattened for display to agents (see below).

When displaying schedules to agents, the layers are flattened so that the agent sees only the top event for each moment. An example of the layering and the flattened view is shown below:


Priority for flattening is based on EventType usage, and is as depicted in the image above.

  • Time off
  • Meeting
  • Break
  • Shift



Agents’ Requests


Agents are not only able to view their schedules, they can also make requests to change their schedule. This is most commonly used for Time Off and Shift Swaps. However, any type of request related to the schedule can be communicated to the WFM team via this page.

As agents requests are approved, a notification of the change appears on this page. Clicking on its icon will expand to a summary of recent requests or those recently approved/denied.


Agents can also expand out this list to view their request history.



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