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Agents’ Schedule

On the "Team Schedule" page, the events occupy different layers based on the event type. On the "Your Schedule" page, the page dedicated to displaying schedules to agents, the layers are flattened so that the agent sees only the event that has the highest priority for each moment.


In the image above, you can see an example of the flattened view.


The calendar of the "Your Schedule" page offers 3 different views:

  • Day.
  • Week.
  • Month.

Optionally, WFM can send Agents a notification whenever their schedule for the next 48 hours changes. This includes any changes made to any type of event, either manually (by the Supervisor) or automatically (by the scheduler). WFM accumulates 15 minutes of changes before sending a notification, to avoid overloading agents.


Agents’ Requests

Agents are not only able to view their schedules. They can also make requests to change their schedule. This is most commonly used for Time Off and Shift Trades/Swaps. However, any type of request related to the schedule can be communicated to the WFM team via this page.

To make a request, Agents need to click on the Request button and, through the chatbot, select one of the quick suggestions or type the request. Depending on the type of request additional information may be requested and, once confirmed, the request will be sent for review by the supervisor.






As Agent requests are approved by their Supervisor, a notification of the approval is displayed on this page. Clicking on the Requests icon expands the most recent requests or those recently approved/denied.

By clicking on the Full request list [1] icon, Agents can also expand this list to view their request history. An example of this listing is shown below.


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