Setting up Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce


  • Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce™ is currently compatible with Workspace Conversations App.
  • Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce needs to be aware of the agent’s login session in the Salesforce Connector, otherwise known as Salesforce’s phone widget or phone CTI. Follow the instructions in Please login in Salesforce Connector to ensure this connection is correctly configured.
  • Users with the Standard User Salesforce Profile by default, will not be able to change the call status correctly. In order to achieve this, they must be assigned PushTopic Read permissions, at the profile level.
  • Users must have Read Access to the Do Not Call field in Leads and Contacts. Talkdesk Activities creation will fail if users don’t have it. Access can be provided in Salesforce at Profile or Permission Set level:
    • Permission Set: Object Settings > Lead/Contact > Do Not Call.
    • Profile: Field Level Security > Lead/Contact > Do Not Call.

Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce gives agents and salespeople the ability to automatically dial down a list of Salesforce records (Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities). Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce offers two dialing modes, Power and Preview. In Preview dialing mode, agents can review records before calls are initiated, later allowing them to start the call or skip to another record. In Power mode, calls will be launched automatically one after the other, respecting a defined delay between calls.

To access Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce, you need to request this feature in your installation package. Additional licensing is required, and the enablement is conducted by Talkdesk. Once it is ready to go, log in to your Salesforce account, and follow the steps below. 


Enabling Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce


  1. Click on Talkdesk Admin [1], and go to Settings [2], on the left side of the page.


  1. Activate the “Enable Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce” option by right-toggling the “Enabled” button [3].


  1. Go to Dialer on the left side of the page to start configuring your preview and power dialing modes.
    • For Preview Dialing, you can configure the default time settings for preview time and what the dialer should do when the preview time expires.
    • For Power Dialing, you can configure the delay between calls and what you want the dialer to do when the time expires. 

Tip: Currently, the delay between calls starts upon call end and not after call work.

Note: These settings will be the default ones applied to your Talkdesk campaigns. You can change these settings on a per campaign basis and the ones you choose for the campaign will override these default settings.



  1. Under the “Campaign and Dialer Lists Permissions” section, you can configure your create, edit, and finish settings.
    • Choose the Talkdesk roles that should have the permissions to create or edit campaigns and dialer lists.
    • Choose the Talkdesk roles that should be able to see the Finish button on a Talkdesk campaign and end it for all agents.


  • Agents only see the Talkdesk campaigns they have created and the ones they have been assigned to. In this case, the permission to edit will only allow agents to edit the campaigns they can see. On the other hand, supervisors can see all Talkdesk campaigns and, as such, if they’re given permission to edit, they can edit all Talkdesk campaigns.
  • A user with permission to edit dialer lists can edit any list, even ones they didn’t create. To know more about how to best use dialer lists, check this article.


  1. In the “Object Fields Configuration” section, you will be able to configure the phone fields that should be used to call each of the standard objects, as well as the fields that should be used to manage “Do Not Call” requests.
    • Under “Set default phone fields”, choose the phone field per object group that should be used in dialer campaigns. You can choose either a standard or a custom field of the phone type.
    • Under “Set default fields to manage Do Not Call”, choose a field of the checkbox or formula checkbox types to be used as the one to manage “Do Not Call” requests for each group of objects.


    • The “Do Not Call” field selected is considered when you check the “Enforce Salesforce Do Not Call” checkbox on Talkdesk Campaigns.

Tip: For Talkdesk campaigns with this option enabled, the dialer checks the status of the chosen field before making each call, to ensure that the record is not marked as “Do Not Call” at calling time.

Note: If you don’t choose a specific field, the Salesforce standard phone field will be used as the one to call for each object. The standard Salesforce “Do Not Call” field will be used to manage “Do Not Call” requests, if you choose to enforce Do not call when creating a Talkdesk campaign.

  1. Lastly, in the “Other Configurations” section, you can:


  • Choose the default timezone for dialer campaigns to match one of the Salesforce accounts or the user’s timezone, or choose a custom timezone.

Note: The timezone can also be changed on a per campaign basis upon creation. The timezone chosen for a specific campaign will override this default timezone.

  1. Click Save.

Then, in order to access the Talkdesk for Salesforce dialer, use the tab “Talkdesk Campaigns”. To access Dialer lists, use the tab “Dialer Lists'' present on the Talkdesk Lightning app. 


Adding the Talkdesk Campaigns and Dialer List Tabs to your chosen app

The Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package brings a new custom tab for Talkdesk Campaigns and another for Dialer Lists as part of the Talkdesk Lightning app. To add them to your preferred lightning app, please follow these steps:


  1. Click the edit button (pencil) on the navigation bar of the lightning app you want to change.


  1. Next, select Add More Items.


  1. Search for “Talkdesk Campaigns” within the “All” category, and add the “Talkdesk Campaigns” tab.


  1. Finally, press Save. The tab is now available in your lightning app’s navigation bar.
  2. Repeat the same process for the Dialer Lists tab.

For more information on how to use Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce, please check the article Using Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce.



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