Setting Up a Visualizations Heatmap Table

Heatmap tables in Explore’s Visualization feature allow you to quickly distinguish between complex sets of data in your custom reports by using color and various formatting options.



The basic steps to creating a heatmap from scratch are described below. Alternatively, if you already have a custom report that you want to add a heatmap to, load the report, go to Edit and pick up from Step 6.

  1. Go to Explore by selecting “Reporting” and clicking on “Explore”.
  2. On the landing page hit Create followed by Report.
  3. Add your chosen Dimensions and Measures.
  4. Add or adjust your chosen Filters.
  5. Hit Run to set your changes and view your results.
  6. Expand the “Visualization” section and click on Table to tabularize your results.
  7. Go to Edit on the “Visualization” section and choose your Plot, Series, and Formatting preferences.

    Tip: You can get a full description of all the Table editing functionalities in the Editing Options for Custom Tables article.

  8. Click Save to set your preferences and, in the case of new reports, give it a name.

In the demonstration video below you can see we’ve set up a heatmap table with the Day of the Month, Dimension and a selection of inbound calls Measures, including Total Inbound Calls, Inbound Calls Answered, Inbound Calls Missed, Inbound Calls Abandoned, Inbound Calls Voicemails. All filtered by One Complete Month.

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