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401 Authentication Error in Explore


Talkdesk Explore requires that your browser accepts third-party cookies for full and correct functionality. Without these permissions set, you may see a "401" error message stating, “You are not authenticated to view this page”. 

Note: Talkdesk recommends using the most up-to date version of Google Chrome. For more information on how to update Chrome see Support for other browsers can be found at the end of this article.


The purpose of this document is to allow third-party cookies on Chrome to ensure Explore is fully functioning.


Allowing third-party cookies on Chrome


  1. Open Chrome Options [1] ( ⋮ ).
  2. Select Settings [2].


  1. Scroll down and click Advanced [3].
  2. Under “Privacy and security”, select Site Settings [4].


  1. Select Cookies and site data [5].


  1. Ensure third-party cookies are blocked [6]

Company policies may prevent you from allowing all third-party cookies in Chrome. If this is the case:

  1. Ensure the Block third-party cookies option is active.
  2. Next to “Allow”, click on Add [7].
  3. Add your Talkdesk URL (example, “<your domain>”).


Other Browsers

Talkdesk is optimized for Google Chrome but the following pages contain guidance for allowing third-party cookies in other common browsers.

Mozilla Firefox 

See the section, “Enable third-party cookies for specific sites”


Uncheck the option, “Prevent cross-site tracking”.

Internet Explorer 

See the section, “Block or allow cookies”.


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