401 Authentication Error in Explore

Talkdesk Explore requires that your browser accepts third-party cookies for full and correct functionality. Without these permissions set, you may see a "401" error message stating, “You are not authenticated to view this page”. 

Note: Talkdesk recommends using the most up-to date version of Google Chrome. For more information on how to update Chrome see https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95414?hl=en. Support for other browsers can be found at the end of this article.


The purpose of this document is to allow third-party cookies on Chrome to ensure Explore is fully functioning.


Allowing third-party cookies on Chrome


  1. Open Chrome Options [1] ( ⋮ ).
  2. Select Settings [2].


  1. Scroll down and click Advanced [3].
  2. Under “Privacy and security”, select Site Settings [4].


  1. Select Cookies and site data [5].


  1. Ensure third-party cookies are blocked [6]

Company policies may prevent you from allowing all third-party cookies in Chrome. If this is the case:

  1. Ensure the Block third-party cookies option is active.
  2. Next to “Allow”, click on Add [7].
  3. Add your Talkdesk URL (example, “<your domain>.mytalkdesk.com”).


Other Browsers

Talkdesk is optimized for Google Chrome, but the following pages contain guidance for allowing third-party cookies in other common browsers.

Mozilla Firefox


See the section, “Enable third-party cookies for specific sites”



Uncheck the option, “Prevent cross-site tracking”.

Internet Explorer


See the section, “Block or allow cookies”.


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