[Preferences] Default Prefix

In Conversations, the default country prefix for outbound calls is United States (+1), but administrators can select another default prefix through the account’s preferences.

If the majority of the outbound calls handled by your team are made to phone numbers of a country other than the United States, it may be useful to have a different default country prefix in Conversations. This way, agents won’t need to change it manually before making calls.

To configure the default country prefix in Conversations, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Talkdesk and select Admin [1].
  2. Click the Preferences [2] tab.
  3. Navigate to “General Settings” [3].
  4. In “Default Prefix” [4], select or search for the desired country prefix. You can search by country name or prefix. This article uses the prefix of France (+33) as an example.
  5. Click Save [5].

Note: The default prefix will be added to the phone number of the contacts synchronized with an integration if the country prefix is missing from the phone number.

Now, when agents log in to Conversations, they can see the selected default country prefix, as shown in the image below:


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