Outbound Dashboard

If you wish to analyze your metrics for outbound calls, please follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Explore tab [1].
  2. Click the Explore tab [2].
  3. Select the Outbound dashboard [3].



4. Configure the filters you wish to apply [4].

5. Press Run[5].


These are the available filters in the Outbound Dashboard:

  • Date: Choose the desired time period for your analysis by clicking in the corresponding fields for Date.
  • Timezone: By default, the dashboard is using your account Timezone, but you can adjust to a Timezone that better reflects your needs in the Timezone filter.
  • Data Aggregation: You can select the time interval by minute, hour, day, week, or month so that the chart displays the data with the chosen aggregation.
  • Call Ring Group: By default, the Outbound call metrics dashboard displays all calls received by your company, but it might be useful for you to only see calls received on specific ring groups.
  • Dedicated Line: With this filter, you can opt to keep or remove from the dashboard the calls handled on dedicated lines.
  • Phone Number: Similar to when filtering by Ring Group, you might want to narrow your analysis to check the activity for one (or more) of your company’s phone number(s).

Note: If you pick a long timeframe (for example, one month), the full data aggregation at the minute or hour level will not be displayed because the results returned from such a combination are not visually significant. Explore will ignore your selection and automatically pick the best data aggregation (for example, for a timeframe of 90 days, the aggregation will be per week).

For more information, please check the article Filtering Dashboards and Reports.



In the Outbound Dashboard, you are able to analyze the following metrics:


  • Total Calls [6] - total number of outbound calls processed by the call center.
  • Connected Calls [7] - number of outbound calls that were connected to the contact person.
  • Not connected Calls [8] - number of outbound calls that didn't reach any contact person. A not-connected call is any call where the agent hangs up before the call is connected (i.e. it's still ringing when they hang up).
  • Voicemail While Transferring [9] - number of voicemails left during an outbound transfer to queue.
  • Abandoned While Holding [10] - number of outbound calls where the customer hung up after being placed on hold by an agent.

If you have permission to do so, you can also download the dashboard as PDF or CSV for a more detailed analysis. To do this, simply click the gear icon and choose the desired option. You can also request the report to be sent to specific e-mail addresses and set a schedule. For more information, please check the articles Downloading and Sending Dashboards and Creating Schedules.

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