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Downloading and Sending Dashboards


Explore lets you download and send your dashboards so that you can store or share the current data. You can download a dashboard as a PDF or CSV file. 


Download as PDF

To download a dashboard as a CSV, please follow these steps.


  • Select a dashboard.
  • Click the gear icon [1] in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Select Download as PDF [2].



  • Customize the details as needed.
  • Optionally, use the Filename box to change the name of the PDF file.
  • You can also expand the Advanced options menu to further customize your PDF:



Single column format

When enabled. The PDF will show the dashboard tiles in a vertical column. 

When disabled. The PDF will show the tiles as they are arranged in the dashboard

Expand tables

When enabled. The PDF will shows all data in a table if your dashboard contains tables.

When disabled. The PDF will truncate table data.

Paper size

Allows you to define paper size from a standardized set to optimize the dashboard's printed layout. 

  • Click Download [3].


Download as CSV

To download a dashboard as a CSV, please follow these steps.


  • Select a dashboard. Click the gear icon [1] in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Select Download as CSVs [2] to begin the download. The files will be inside a compressed folder.

Depending on the dashboard, the compressed folder can include a separate CSV file for each dashboard tile. Each CSV file includes the formatted data used to create the tile in the dashboard.

If you’re downloading a tabular dashboard like the Calls dashboards, you’ll receive up to 500 rows of information



You can send a dashboard by email, to your own address or someone else’s address.


  • Select a dashboard.
  • Click the gear icon [1] in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Select Send [2].


  • Customize the title, recipients, and file format as needed.
  • The filters you see here are inherited from the dashboard. Adjust filters according to your needs (any changes will not override what the filtering preferences configured in the dashboard).
  • You are also able to configure advanced options, depending on the format:
    • PDF or Visualization:
      • If you want to order vertically the layout of the several tiles of the dashboard, please tick Use single column layout.
      • If you selected PDF, you can adjust the page layout with the Paper size option.
    • CSV ZIP file:
      • If you are sending the dashboard as a CSV ZIP file, you can also tick Apply visualization options to apply some additional visualization options. Do not tick Formatted data values if you do not want the data to have special formatting (for example: rounding long numbers). The exact output when these additional options are selected will depend on the data and the dashboard.
      • In the example of tabular dashboards like the Calls dashboard it will only return up to 500 rows of information. If you need do download a larger amount of data a more complete export can be made from the Calls Report.
  •  Press Send [3] when you’re ready.




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