AppConnect Install Guide for Custom Contracts

If you have a custom contract with Talkdesk, you can sign up for an AppConnect app as you normally would. However, the terms defined in your contract may override certain selections you make during the installation, in regard to plans, pricing and users.

Follow the instructions below to install an AppConnect app:

  • To get started, click on My Apps [1]  from the navigation bar.
  • If this is the first time you are installing an app, click on Explore AppConnect [2].



Plans and Pricing

  • Choose one of the plans [3].


  • If you choose one of the paid plans, please take into consideration the following:

Note: Talkdesk will bill you as per the terms and conditions in the contract signed by you, and not per the plan pricing selected on AppConnect. Please refer to your contract for details on your custom terms and conditions.



  • In the Users [4] tab, select which users will have access to the app:


  • Please take into consideration the following:

Note: If you provision more users than what is in your signed contract, you will automatically be charged for additional users accordingly.


Note: Talkdesk cannot be held liable or responsible for any downtime or damage that may result from installing and using a third-party app. Please read our Terms of Service.

You will receive a confirmation email when the request has been approved and once the app has been installed.

For step-by-step instructions, please read the article Installing AppConnect Applications.

If you run into an error while installing or managing apps, please read our Talkdesk AppConnect troubleshooting tips.


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