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Talkdesk Teams offers a way to formally group, organize, and filter your agents in Talkdesk.

With Teams, Admins, and Supervisors can create groups of agents, which can represent skills, departments, and languages, among others.

As an Admin, you can define, edit, and assign agents to specific teams. Then, you can filter some metrics by team in Talkdesk Live.

You can also empower your Team Leader or Supervisor to manage the ring groups of agents from their own team, previously assigned by the Admin.

It is through ring groups that Talkdesk routes different types of calls to agents with the proper skills to handle them. Depending on the metric, you can use the “Team” filter in combination with the “Ring Group” filter to see a subset of results (e.g., “Ring Group”: Sales, “Team”: Portugal).

Note: To learn more about ring groups, please visit the Setting up Teams: Ring Groups article

Additionally, the “Teams” field is included in the “Calls” and “Agents Status” scheduled reports and Reporting API.

By default, all Admin users can include the “Create” role permission and have the ability to view, create, and edit the “Teams” section. Agents will not be able to view this section. However, as an admin, you can decide to restrict these permissions only to a selected group of people (e.g., you can configure your supervisor role to edit and see the “Teams” section). Learn how to define and edit permissions for Talkdesk Teams.


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Creating a New Team


1. Access Teams [1].

2. Click on New Team [2].


3. Enter the “Team details”: “Name” and, if necessary, “Description”  [3].

4. Select your team’s “Timezone” [4] for information purposes only, so you can visualize the team’s location.

5. Define whether the team is a “Parent” or a “Child” team [5]. This option allows users to only see the content that is relevant to them; for instance, team managers who are added as “Members” to a “Parent” team will be able to see the users who belong to the team(s) they manage, along with any of their child teams. A team manager added as a member of a “Child” team can only see the users and information that belong to the “Child” team.

6. Select the Members tab [6].


7. Click the Add team members button [7] to start adding your new team members.


 Note: Members of a team will all count toward reporting metrics. A user can only belong to one team at a time. In case you were using ring groups with the sole purpose of creating a team (and not for routing purposes), we have included a feature to search by ring group.


8. Search by “Name” and/or “Ring Group” [8]. Once you’ve made your selection, press Add [9].


9. Hit Save [10] to create the team.



Splitting Teams

Talkdesk offers the possibility for Team Leaders to be able to see only their specific team(s) and assign or remove ring groups from the agents on their team(s).

Limiting a Team Leader from viewing another Team’s information and assigning or removing ring groups from agents that do not belong to their team can be done by following the steps below:


1. Go to the Admin section, click on the Roles and Permissions tab, and create a specific role for this purpose. If you need further information about how to create roles, please visit this article.

If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access all features described below by navigating to the Admin app. For more information, please refer to this article.



2. Once created, click to add the role’s permissions and scroll down to the “Teams” section.

3. Select “Team” as the scope, and View and Update as the permissions.

4. Save your changes.

5. Go to the Teams section, create a team, and add the corresponding members, as described in the “Creating a new team” section. 

6. Make sure that at least one of the team members that you’ve added has the role that you created in Step 1.


7. Click on the Assign ring groups button [1] and specify which ring groups are going to be available for this particular team. If you require further information about ring groups, please visit this article


8. When clicking on the Teams section, the Team Leader will only be able to see the particular team, as seen above. 


9. The Team Leader will also be able to assign or remove ring groups from their team members by selecting the agents, and then, clicking on the rightmost icon, followed by the option Assign ring groups or Remove ring groups.


Delete a Team

To delete a team, navigate to the Teams tab [1] and follow these instructions:

Figure 1.png

Click on the bin icon button [2] on the team item to delete. A confirmation modal will appear:

Figure 2.png

To confirm team deletion click on the "Yes, delete" button [1]; otherwise, click on the "Cancel" button [2].

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