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Factors Affecting Call Quality

Call quality can be impacted by various factors in the call path, including:

  • Agent internet quality: Poor bandwidth or high latency on the agent's internet connection, as well as local network setup, can lead to audio problems.
  • Mobile network coverage: Weak cellular coverage on the customer's side can cause static, dropouts, or other issues.
  • Carrier integrations: Glitches or misconfigurations in the integrations between carriers can also introduce audio quality problems.

Many of these factors are outside Talkdesk's control, but we work hard to ensure optimal quality within our systems.


When is Voice Trace Enabled?

Talkdesk does not enable Voice Trace by default on any accounts. It is only enabled on specific accounts when our support team is investigating reported call quality issues that cannot be easily identified or resolved.

If our team determines that Voice Trace is needed to troubleshoot a problem, we will request permission from the customer before enabling it on their account. Voice Trace will remain enabled only for as long as necessary to identify and resolve the issue.


What Happens When Voice Trace is Enabled?

When Voice Trace is enabled, Talkdesk's system will begin capturing audio packets for all calls on the account. This allows our support team to reconstruct the call audio and listen to it to identify the root cause of the reported issues. Talkdesk may also need to extend this request to partner Carriers to allow deeper investigation on their side.

This means all calls will be recorded and the recordings will be internally stored for 10 days.

It's important to note that PCI DTMF tones, used for secure payments, are never captured or stored by Voice Trace. The captured audio is only used for troubleshooting purposes.


Disabling Voice Trace

Once the investigation is complete and the issue has been resolved, Voice Trace will be disabled on the account. The captured audio is then deleted, as Talkdesk only retains it temporarily for troubleshooting.



Talkdesk operates in multiple countries across the globe.  Local regulations and compliance laws may prevent Talkdesk from using Voice Trace to troubleshoot audio issues. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform your Support representative if you have any concerns or know of any reasons why Voice Trace cannot be used for troubleshooting purposes.


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