May 20-24, 2024

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Release Notes

  • Talkdesk Activities
    • New: Agent to Agent calls will now be visible in the Calls Snapshot Tab.
  • Talkdesk Admin (Agent to Agent Recording)
    • Enhancement: Agent to Agent Call Recording allows contact centers to capture and store recordings of direct calls between agents.
  • Talkdesk Admin (External Transfers Recording)
    • Enhancement: External Transfer Recording Administration allows administrators to enable/disable calls from being recorded following a transfer to an external number.
  • Talkdesk Connections
    • New: Connections executions dashboard and report available in Explore, with various details (e.g., executions' status, status codes).
  • Talkdesk Digital Engagement
    • New: Administrators can establish time thresholds for initial agent responses.
    • Enhancement: Conversations in Chat, Social Messaging, Digital Connect and Fax channels can be viewed within Activities and Contacts apps.
  • Talkdesk Digital Engagement
    • Enhancement: Generation of a dedicated regional chat instance (specific to the deployment region) when creating a chat touchpoint, beginning May 30th, 2024. 
  • Talkdesk Live
    • New: Digital channels in the Answered Contacts. The widget now has data for Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, Digital Connect, and Social Messaging.
  • Talkdesk Quality Management
    • New: “Random Sampling” dataset available in Explore Create, allowing customers with the Create functionality in Explore to generate custom reports and dashboards.

Product Notices

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