Talkdesk Advanced Dialer: Overview

The Advanced Dialer is an advanced outbound solution designed to revolutionize contact center operations, maximizing contact rates and driving agent productivity while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. With highly configurable dialing strategies and advanced campaign management capabilities, businesses can reach their contacts when and how they want to be reached, leading to enhanced customer engagement and improved outcomes.

Key functionalities of Advanced Dialer include:

  • Maximize Contact Rates and Drive Agent Productivity:
    • Highly configurable dialing strategies enable businesses to tailor their outreach efforts to meet the needs of their contacts, resulting in increased contact rates.
    • Advanced campaign management provides ease of segmentation and targeting, allowing businesses to effectively manage their campaigns and reach the right audience.
    • Accurate AI-driven Answering Machine Detection (AMD) technology, fully patented in the US, UK, and Europe, ensures that agents are connected with live contacts, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Campaign Management with Flexible Dialing Modes:
    • Predictive, Power, Progressive, Preview, and Agentless dialing modes enable businesses to contact their customers effectively and efficiently. Configurations support virtually any outreach and retry strategy, allowing businesses to customize their dialing approach to suit their specific needs.
    • Granular campaign and list management settings allow for complex segmentation and filtering, supporting targeted outreach and improving campaign performance.
  • Built-in Regulatory Compliance
    • The Advanced Dialer supports compliance with major regulatory requirements, including OfCom, TCPA, and TSR, providing businesses with peace of mind and minimizing regulatory risks.
    • Also, Snodrop® technology ensures a 0% abandonment rate, guaranteeing a positive customer experience, while maintaining regulatory compliance.



To install and use the Advanced Dialer, customers must install the two apps under the Talkdesk account, including Dialer Integrations Cards Tab and Dialer Integrations Preview Dialer.


This app can be accessed through the Talkdesk Workspace Secondary Area panel.

Besides the ‘Join campaigns’ button which is used for the user to log into Advanced Dialer, you will be able to see:

  • Advanced Dialer Status Widget:
    • Variations in agents' statuses are reflected on this read-only status widget, specifically built for the Advanced Dialer.
    • Placed in the Secondary Area, this status widget replaces the default Talkdesk Status Widget, which is disabled and greyed out while agents are logged into the Advanced Dialer.
  • Request Break Button: This button allows agents to indicate their need for a break without logging out from Advanced Dialer, ensuring seamless workflow management.
  • Preview Dialer App:
    • The Preview Dialer App presents a record to the agent before initiating the outbound dial, enabling agents to better contextualize record details and make informed decisions about placing calls.
    • The Preview App automatically comes into focus for the agents when they are presented with a preview dialing call, enhancing usability and efficiency.
  • Leave Campaign Button: Agents can end their involvement with the Advanced Dialer by logging out from it using the 'Leave Campaign' Button.

Furthermore, within the Workspace, Admins and Campaign Managers can conveniently access Advanced Dialer's User Manager, Campaign Manager, and Dashboard via the AppConnect Menu located in the bottom left corner.

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