Talkdesk AppConnect

Talkdesk AppConnect is the first full-service enterprise software marketplace for call center applications.

Talkdesk is focused on enabling best-in-class interactions between you and your customers, and we understand that external applications may be an important part of that experience. From driving decisions around workforce management, improving service through quality assurance, or providing valuable insights from voice transcription and analytics, Talkdesk AppConnect is designed to help you improve those customer interactions by allowing you to easily and quickly integrate with external applications.


Using Talkdesk AppConnect

By default, both Administrators and Supervisors have access to AppConnect. However, their default permissions are different. For more information, please read the article Talkdesk AppConnect Permissions.

  • To get started, click on My Apps [1]  from the navigation bar.
  • Next, click on Explore AppConnect [2] to start exploring and connecting to our suite of industry-leading apps.


Talkdesk AppConnect can also be accessed by opening the following link:


By default, all apps are listed on the homepage but you can also search and filter apps by category:



If an app is available for installation, it will show the Install button.


To install an app, follow the instructions in the article Installing AppConnect Applications.


Some apps will show the Contact Talkdesk button. If you wish to get more information, simply click on the button and fill out the form.



Partners and Developers

If you would like to become a partner and see your business featured in AppConnect, you can get in touch with Talkdesk Support.

If you are a developer and interested in building a custom application, please visit:


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