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Talkdesk AppConnect


Talkdesk AppConnect is the first full-service enterprise software marketplace for call center applications. 

Talkdesk is focused on enabling best-in-class interactions between you and your customers, and we understand that external applications may be an important part of that experience. From driving decisions around workforce management, improving service through quality assurance, or providing valuable insights from voice transcription and analytics, Talkdesk AppConnect is designed to help you improve those customer interactions by allowing you to easily and quickly integrate with external applications.

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Accessing Talkdesk AppConnect 

If you are an Admin or a Supervisor, you can access it by clicking ‘My Apps’ [1] in the top navigation bar:


Now, simply click the 'Explore AppConnect’ [2] button to start exploring and connecting your Talkdesk contact center to our suite of industry-leading apps.

Talkdesk AppConnect is a standalone application and can also be accessed by visiting the following link:

If accessing through this link, by pressing 'Install' on any application you'll be taken to your Talkdesk account and prompted to 'Join AppConnect'.

Press the 'Try it now' button:


You'll receive a confirmation that AppConnect is enabled and admins can starts installing apps:




App Categories

By default, all apps are shown but you can also quickly filter them by category [3]:



For example:

  • Voice Analytics: list of Talkdesk partner applications using machine learning, sentiment analysis, or keyword tracking to automatically analyze recorded calls, allowing you to gather additional customer information to improve communication and future interactions.
  • Workforce Management: Talkdesk partner applications offering tools that improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling, to empower and engage employees.

Once ready, follow our instructions to start installing AppConnect applications.

If an app is not available yet, it will show the 'Contact Talkdesk' [4] button. Click it and fill in the form to be contacted as soon as the application is available:




Partners and Developers

If you would like to become a partner and see your business featured in AppConnect, please visit:

If you are a developer and interested in building a custom application, please visit:

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