Talkdesk Feedback: Managing "Do Not Contact" System

The DNC ("Do Not Contact") management system aims to respect the privacy and preferences of individuals who prefer not to participate in surveys. Contacts can express their choice to opt-out of survey invitations by registering their phone numbers. To opt-out, reply "STOP" to the SMS survey when contacted by the Talkdesk Feedback SMS survey.


Contact Opt-Out List

Check the contact list to see if contacts have opted out of receiving SMS surveys. 

In the opt-out list, users can see the following information:

  • “Contact” name.
  • “Phone number”.
  • “Survey Channel”
  • Opt-out date (“Updated”). 

Note: When a contact chooses to opt-in by replying “START”, the contact can receive an SMS survey and the opt-out record will be removed.

Users can also filter the opt-out list by:

  • Time period.
  • Survey flow.
  • Opt-out number.


Opt-Out Details

To view the “Opt-out Details”, locate a contact and click on it. 


Note: The SMS opt-out applies to all SMS survey flow of the account. When the contact opts out of one survey flow, the contact will no longer receive SMS survey from all survey flows. 

By clicking the "View more" arrow icon, users can access detailed information about the SMS survey and from which question the contact chose to opt out of.


Exporting the DNC List

To obtain a list of contacts in a CSV file, users can click on the Export icon [1]. After providing a name for the CSV file and clicking the Export CSV button [2], the browser will prompt users to download and view the exported CSV file.

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